Questions for David [from fans] - July '10

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1. What was for you as guitarist the most ineffective investment?
I don't know.. I would say Security Locks :-D

2. What motivates you into practicing piano?
Right now nothing.. Normally it's my teacher :-)

3. What do you think of Twilight Saga? Have you read the books, or seen the movie?
No, not for me.

4. Are you satisfied and happy with your life and what have you made of it?
Happy, but never satisfied :-)

5. Do you read fanfictions? What do you think about them?
No, I don't.

6. Have you ever seen a russian trickfilm?
No. :-D

7. Why did you fly to Lyon?
For vaccation.

8. Are you on your phone a lot? Whom do you call the most?
Yes, unfortunately, that's why I always have such expensive bills! (But not anymore since I've transferred to O2 :-D)

9. What's your favorite ice-cream?
I think right now it's Häagen Dazs

10. When will we see your concert in Hamburg?
Ask Timo :-)

11. Will you be online in your chat soon?
Oh, we're there very often. :-D

12. When you look back at your life, have you ever imagined it like it is now?
No :-) But I like it!

13. Whose sunglasses are you wearing in the Kyte video about great producers?
I don't know.. I just found them in studio :-)

14. Would like to move to Berlin to work there with Timo, or will you stay separated? Do you like Berlin?
Never Berlin!

15. Is there a song that really gets on your nerves?
Oh yes..

16. What movie do you write soundtrack right now for?
Right now it's 2 movies, one german and one french.

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