Drum-Recording with Dr. Bonk, Part 1: Bass Drum

29. května 2011 v 19:59 | posted by P.2K |  Other Videos
V našej novej sérii nahrávacieho workshopu "Ask Dr. Bonk" vám David Bonk ukáže, ako nahráva. V prvom kole Dr. Bonk ukáže ako nahráva bicie, prvá časť je o bass drum. Série workshopu môžete takisto nájsť v časopise Sound & Recording.

In our new Recording - Workshop - Series "Ask Dr. Bonk" will David Bonk show you how he records. In the first round, Dr. Bonk shows you how he records drums, the first part is about the bass drum. Workshop series with Dr. Bonk can also be found in the magazine Sound & Recording.

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1 Alyson Alyson | Web | 29. května 2011 v 20:02 | Reagovat

Krásný bloček:)

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Thank you for the tutorial! Those are extremely cute!

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