Interview with David (RU Panik FC)

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Translated by P.2K for

1. Which berries do you like?
David: All :D

2. What present did you get on your birthday from Timo?
David: A book.

3. Did you collect the toy-collections from Kinder Suprise?
David: Yes, Happy Hippos.

4. Do the studio versions of songs "Es kommt der Tag", "Gerico" and "Fuhlst du" exist?
David: Yes, they do. In my computere, here.

5. Could you imagine to adopt a child?
David: I don't know that.

6. Were you sick often as a child?
David: No.

7. Which Panik song is your favorite?
David: Ein neuer Tag.

8. What do you enjoy to do in your free time?
David: Now I'm trying to re-oriantate, to get out of internet's claws, because I spend there a lot of my time.

9. Which souvenire did you bring home from India?
David: A stone statue.

10. Did you serve your time in the army?
David: No, I was relieved.

11. Would you like to travel around the world in a submarine?
David: Noooo :)

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