LaFee about working with Timo & David

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With her new song "Ich bin", LaFee celebrated her comeback at "The Dome", now she's promoting her new singel and she stopped by And so we played our little game with you, we read two things to her and she had to choose one.

Surprising: It looks like LaFee doesn't like castingshows. She doesn't like DSDS or X-Factor and she doesn't know anything about Pietro Lombardi or Basti Wurth. But the choice between "Panik, or Tokio Hotel" was really easy: She wrote her single "Ich bin" together with David & Timo.

Timo & David helped you with your new single, or?
LaFee: Yes, and that's why I chose them.

How come?
LaFee: We did everything together, composed together the songs, wrote them together and these two from Panik were there.

Translated by P.2K for

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