Drum-Recording with Dr. Bonk, Part 2: Tom Tom

2. července 2011 v 17:12 | posted by SekSonka |  Other Videos
V našom nahrávaciom workshope s názvom "Ask Dr. Bonk" vám David Bonk ukáže nahrávacie umenie. V provom diele týchto video-tutoriálov si Dr. Bonk vzal na strarosť bicie. Tento krát sú to Toms. Prdošlí diel tejto série nájdete tu.

In our recording-workshop serie "Ask Dr. Bonk" David Bonk shows you his art of recording. In the first part of these video-tutorials Dr. Bonk looked at drum-recording. This time he looks at Toms. You can watch the previous part here.

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