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My luxury

25. ledna 2011 v 20:39 | posted by SekSonka
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My luxury? I've had a chance to experience many sorts of luxuryand I can say very exactly, which one is the best. I always looked at luxury as a privilege; Privileges for which everyone should be graceful and I also am. Fast cars, good hotels. But today I know, that this kind of luxury doesn't fullfill you for a long time and doesn't make one directly happy. Does it make one satisfied to exaggerate? Can one feel good just because he/she's paid 2000€ for a jacket, while two streets further is someone who be happy about a jacket for 10€?
I don't know. My family never had a whole lot of money, that's why luxury never crossed my way. I even slept on the floor one whole year and ate just bread and cheese. One year later, I was sleeping in the best hotels.
Luxury means 'to have too much', or 'to have just enough for not having to be worried'. When you decided what you want to be and what goals you want to achieve, everything just happens. You don't have any worries anymore, because you believe in yourself and I believe that's the real luxury. Simply have the opportunity to decided who you are. So many people in this world don't know that. Many people are daily accompanied by holding down and forcing and if you are one those, who had the the opportuinity to choose then you should feel the luxury in your veins.
Some people run away to get this luxury, some people fight and others don't even know what it means. Why do we throw this luxury away, or we just ignore it? Or mostly we forget. Already in the early age we are being told, that there are achievable goals, and then these so-called "unreal" ones. When I was a kid, my grandparents always told me: "Kinder mir Willen, bekommen was auf die Brillen". It took me years to figure out that "to want" something is what really makes me happy. If you really know what you want, you triumph. Because we have the luxury to achieve thing that we set our minds on. The hard work is not so hard anymore, when we know why we do it; and as we climb the next crossbar on the ladder, it makes us happier.
But why do I have to keep reminding myself all this? Why are we not aware of this luxury? Every moment you sleep through lasts forever. So you have to get up, go ona and be as awake as possible. My life taught me that every battlefield can turn into a graden, and I stand by that. I remove the unwanted plants every fay. I'm standing and turning my head to the sun, I'm discovering the luxury which this world offers me. It's all there, one just needs to take it.

Long time no see

24. října 2010 v 13:07 | posted by P.2K
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is Myspace used anymore? Should I found my own blog, or should I stay here for nostalgic reasons?

Right in the beginning. Often I get sent videos, but this is one of the best ones. It's the first interview I've ever given. I don't know how old I was and I don't even know what I liked about this hairstyle. What I know is, that it was made in one park in Hamburg, where my stepfather Fred and his band played a concert. In the middle of the nineties, Illegal 2001 were well-known in the whole Germany and I think I first fixed myself on the music story back then. Those were pretty intense years, I've seen the backstage rooms, caterings, television cameras and all these things for the first time and I kind of thought about it. I didn't really understand it all as a small child, of course.

I just saw this video after 10 years for the first time and it is a weird feeling. On one hand, I looked at the young boy like I looked at someone unknown, on the other hand I have this known, but old feeling. The feeling I haven't felt for ages. Do you know that?

Every new day a person has to chose who he us. Am I the person I was five years ago? No, but it was necessary to be that person in order to become what someone is now. And it doesn't stop. It continues all the time. A person learns every day, changes a bit every day. Either he becomes wiser, stronger, someone can open himself, or isolate, because he knows how it feels to get hurt.We all basically go through the same things. We get to know new people, we get closer to each other being in contact and we change that way. Because exactly through these people we learn, WHO we are and WHO we want to be.

So think about why you don't like some things on other people? It has something to do with you all the time. All the time. Because other people can look at that person in a whole another way.

And to close it : I am glad for the time, even thought I've forgotten so many things, I am thankful. It was a nice time, and even though I can't remember every detail (like this interview) and people change, their ways separate, the times stay in me. A bit of me is in that small guy and this small guy is a bit of me.

Timo's blog - "So where?"

17. června 2010 v 15:50 | posted by SekSonka
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It was hard to understand what he was trying to say sometimes, so it might not be exact in a few parts. But I believe I got the point :)

I have a feeling that everything is a following a ceratin plan. As if it all already happened, as if I read a book when I was a kid and now I can remember. Soon there will be Apple Video telephone, the future has begun. The inventors of flat screen TVs are freaking out when they hear about a new idea of 3D projection without glasses.
Not long and we'll be able to manage our computre stuff "in the air" just like "Minority Report". Just watch the new "Projekt Natal" by Microsoft:

Timo's blog - "The change / Let's do it"

20. března 2010 v 15:02 | posted by SekSonka
(c) || translated by SekSonka

... I've said once, that people don't change. But people do change. Someone, who'd been vegetarian for 10 years, eats meat again.
Some people isolate themselves as a sacrifice for their children.
Someone who's always despised drugs is not surrounded by people anymore and drugs get wild again.
Someone stops smoking one day and he'll never start again.
Someone comes to a cool party and gets to know cool people and all the sudden he lives in a cool world and forgets where he came from (I've met a lot of these ;))
From black to white, from colorful to grey..
There's everything, something good, something bad..
Our world changes fast. We turn around and another years passes by, and something that was up-to-date a year ago becomes just a vague memory, a feeling, that we can't not exactly feel anymore.
I've seen a lot of people who changed in a moment; on others, you don't even see a change. Where is the difference? If one searches for himself, goes through a lot of changes, proves himself and tries what he is ready for, how far does he go and who am I?
Someone, who has an exact vision about himself and know, what he wants and what he doesn't want can change so quickly, or..?
There are people, who have to change, adjust themselves, because they've experienced painful things and do everything to forget those and to be happy again. In these people the change is unconditional.
When one fins people, who think the same way, it's pretty much luck; when one finds people, with whom he feels comfortable and important, when one can be who he really is, that's the biggest and the most important. If you found someone like that, don't let them go. There's a lot of people who wish some friends.
But careful: I don't what to say that changes are bad, changes are important, necessary for surviving, everyone know that, or at least should know that. If we don't change ourselves, if we don't change the world, we're lead to perdition. So change if you want to, do whatever you want.. God gave us freedom of decision and you can choose what life you want to live. You can decided, WHO you are. So decide, think about who you want to be.
Here's the voting:
(Everyone, who doesn't know what this is about, here's my last blog "The Answer")
It was pretty hard to do some elimination; everything was worth it and everything was and is important! Thank you for all the suggestions!
At the end we'll be left with two organizations: one, who helps people, one who helps animals and environment. It's your decision.
I would just like to say, that I'm really happy that we're doing something here. It's nice to know that we're not alone. It make me a little bit proud to do something with people, who do care about what happens to our world. Thank you! And let's do it :) :

Timo's blog - "What do you think?"

16. března 2010 v 16:33 | posted by SekSonka

I don't have a looot of time, so I'm jusr writing something short...
There came lots, lots, looots of suggestions and I'm not really sure, how we are going to pick 3 from all of those.. If we should put all of them up for voting, or if I should pick a couple of them at firsts and then put those up for voting..

I, as a votre, would feel a little bit overwhelmed, if I should pick 3 ogranizations out of 100...

So, what do you think? Should I reduce it to 10-15?

Timo's blog - "The answer"

9. března 2010 v 8:57 | posted by SekSonka

The answer

I've read a lot of answers to my last blog, a lot of good answers but also a lot of answers full of hopelessness, approving what I wrote but still hopeless.. One sentence has stuck in my mind and brought me an idea.. "A lot of people can talk, but only a few of them actually do something"..
You're right: The ones who know the murderer, but don't do anything, are guilty as well.

When one is alone, he imagines a feeling.. Feeling, that nothing can be changed, that everything he does is worth nothing..
When one is alone, he feels weak so often.. When one is alone, he loses his faith. The question is simple, IS one alone?

We are not alone! Because of my school years, I know how it feels to be an outsider and to be considered nothing; because of the business, I know how it feels to be apparently alone, to stand all by yourself on the front watching and wondering what bad is going to happen next…

But we are not alone! If I've learned something during the last couple of years, then I've learned that I'm not alone with my opinion, otherwise I wouldn't be here today and I wouldn't write this blog tonight.. I've learned that there are people out there who think just like me, who also don't like to be lied to, who also don't like to watch how everything is changing to worse! The ones who are angry, who don't have much and would like to do something, while sacks of money are watching them…

A new day has just begun.. It's 00:24 and I have a MySpace statistics by my left side.. During those 20 minutes 224 people read my blog..

We're not alone! - and because of that we're so big!

The question is, what can we start by knowing this?
Are we the man that doesn't do anything? Even though he knows the murderer?

I would be pleased, if you know some organizations or resources which help people, to write them down in comments under this blog.

Our children will ask what have you done
Whom have you thought about when not about us? ("Kinder" lyrics)

I will then, after 4 days, put those up for voting and you can decide which ones you like the most.

If all of those 224 people, who read my blog during these 20 minutes, won't buy a song on iTunes next time, or won't put 1 liter of gas in their car, but instead if those 224 people help someone else than themselves, it doesn't matter if it's a strange person or their own kids, then we will not be the ones who know the murderer anymore. We will be more…

Then we will pick 3 organizations, we'll open a bank account, to which everyone can donate 1 Euro. We'll see how many of us is out there, folks!...

Timo's blog - About the damn dump

4. března 2010 v 10:03 | posted by SekSonka
(c) || translated by SekSonka

We'd have to remind ourselves everyday who we are and where we live…
We'd have to remind ourselves everyday what we have and what we do!
We would simply have to let go of all our worries and our fears that we have: then when we'd compare ourselves to someone, who is the same age and earned the same as we did, when we'd compare that, how does it feel?

Why do we compare ourselves to Hollywood stars? Does it make us feel better? Does it give us something? Why don't we compare ourselves to, no wait…

I compare myself to Jamie, Jamie is the same age as me, he's been loved by his mother the same as me, but Jamie's brothers and sister were killed, because Jamie doesn't live in Germany, but in Africa and one of the civil war groups has stormed his house and killed everyone but him and his mother. Jamie would like to imagine how does it feel to have an apartment in Berlin and in the evening call your family and find out how is his little sister doing? How does it feel when you're sick, just to go to the doctor and pay him for examining you? How does it feel? How does it feel, when you can go to the grocery store and you don't have to think, how you're going to get some water and where you are going to survive the next day?

Does it not make one happy and thankful, is it not worth it to say "Thank you", "Thank you for this great life and for the fact that I don't have to live my life - even though we more often say, no, we got used to say, that this is just a f*cking dump, and why doesn't anyone understand me, and why am I so lonely sometimes - I don't have to live it like Jamie… Who hasn't done anything differently than I, Timo Sonnenschein, have, who simply had had bad luck to be born in a whole different place…

Yes, it makes one thankful.. Thankful that we don't live in Iraq and we don't see our friends dying in the war and we don't see how we change, how we are not the ones that we used to be… Thankful that we don't live in China, where even though your own kids died, you're afraid to say something, because the state would penalize you or kill you.. Not in Africa, Korea, Thailand,
Iraq or anywhere else, but here, where it's freedom, HERE, where one can worry about how his favorite TV show is going to continue…

Of course it's a little bit hard to imagine, but tell me, why do 90% of people in the subway or on the streets look angry and not happy, why don't they smile? Because we always compare ourselves to those, who have MORE! More money, more space, more women, more luxury, more joy? Do you really believe that Heath Ledger was happier, even though he had more money and more amazing partys and he could experience more, than we can?

Just be happy! Be happy for what you have, because what you have is definitely more, that what Jamie and everyone around him have. And look at the globe one more time and look how big Germany, Europe, USA, the whole "West" is and compare it to the rest of the world..

We are the rich ones, it doesn't matter if you're manager, banker or Harz4 er! We are the ones, who have MORE than the others, WE are the ones, who CAN feel sorry for the ones, who have waaaay less than we do…

I'm thankful, even though I'd like to have some things differently and even though I had some problems… I'm thankful and it's an amazing feeling!

Timo's blog - About tonight, new song, and books

31. ledna 2010 v 4:20 | posted by SekSonka
(c) ; translated by SekSonka

About tonight, new songs, and books

Wow, I've just been jogging… The fact is not surprising, but everything outside was SO pretty. The sky was full of stars, the streets were sparkling as if someone dumped millions of little diamonds and they just stayed there, straggly on the streets and the air, the air so sharply clear, that the coldness spread to my whole body and got me woken up. The moon, which was shining behind a long line left a long time ago by an airplane, because except for the ice, cracking under my feet, I could here NOTHING. Absolutely nothing.. It was great. Millions of stars and light coming only from the moon…
And then my iPod and Eminem rapping about drugs, a lot of drugs, sex, a lot of sex, and his mother… Haha, pretty contrasting.. But it was cool :) I have to suggest.

I found out that the inventor of Scrubs started a new series "Cougar Town" last year, and I have to definitely check it out, I'm pretty excited..

Anyways, I'm in progress of moving plans, it'll get started soon… A new life… funny..
As I spend some days by David, I have been listening to some of our new songs and I can't wait to get one or two done, and put them on the new album. I think you'll like them.
Of course, they're all songs that we wrote last year and the year before.
Unfortunately, I can't tell when you're gonna be able to listen to them, but it'll definitely be this year :)

Hopefully, those are good news :)

I'm going to take a shower and then to bed (to my great book - Do you know that, when you start to read a trilogy and the first book is just decent and then it starts to be really good? I have to admit, that I haven't read this much before (well, I might have in my teen years), but I really started to read a lot last year; it was and advise from my friend, because I could never fall asleep and so I re-discovered my passion for books. I love movies, no doubt, that's my element, since I was little :) but the book are in some way so much more intense, because you can simply say so much more. And rather than watch a bunch of crap in the TV in the evening, I just read a good book :)

Good night --

Timo's blog - At Second Glance teaser-trailer

24. ledna 2010 v 16:18 | posted by SekSonka
(c) || translated by SekSonka

Here I'm sitting, alone in the darkness, the night lamp is turned on, but everything else is dark, just my screen is flashing and I'm getting lost in this rectangular screen… Everything is quiet, it's freezing outside, the fire inside is on and enjoyable heat is rising towards me… soft humming of my MacBook ventilator and there's clock ticking somewhere (insane, not digital :)).
So, here I'm sitting and writing this blog, my thoughts are fading away as the tiredness is fighting me down and the attractive bedroom is inviting me to finally enter and let my last thoughts dedicate to my book and its heroes..
The reason I'm writing this blog is this:

I was filming it for 8 days and all the people who are staring in it are my friends. It was a lot of fun to film it and hopefully I'll start working on my second film soon, this time with a little more playtime.
At the moment the film is circulating here and there and I'm showing it to this person and that person, even though the final version is not done yet… mostly because of lack of time…
Cutting and color work is done, synchro and music too… Right, if you paid attention, there's not a lot missing.. There are some thing that I still want to change, like the final subtitles and some other details… I'm not gonna tell yet when the film is gonna be released, but I want to thank you again for all the great feedback to the trailer: I'm glad you like it!
And no, ASG is not a horror film! :)

Moscow - concert

19. ledna 2010 v 16:38 | posted by SekSonka
(c) || translated by SekSonka

Hi to all Panik fans,

This blog entry relates to upcoming concert in Moscow on January 30th, 2010, which is not going to be performed according to latest circumstances. MILK hall, where the concert was supposed to be performed, was closed because of missing security measures and PANIK concert, as well as other ones, is postponed. You can return your ticket on the music hall's homepage. Please, do so, because the tickets will most likely lose their validity for the next concert.

Thank you for your understanding and we hope that we will organize the substitution concert as soon as possible.

With love from Germany to Russia!


Timo's blog - About the beginning

9. ledna 2010 v 4:34 | posted by SekSonka
(c) || translated by SekSonka
| read the german original

About the beginning

So, here I am… In 2010 and everything is just so different. Last year brought a lot of changes and I have to at first just look back and get used to it. I'll get over it, the whole band thing, everything is just so different but also fresh. One can see slowly losing contact with old friends, or they are just parked somewhere in the back. We inhale the air and feel the cold and understand that everything can come.
Sometimes we have no certain plans for the future, just a dream, an idea, how it should look like. We have to pack just a few things, sparingly, something from over there, something from over here, just the most important things, and the rest is being left behind, but one knows where they are.. In case they are needed sometimes, we can go back and look back :) But at the moment there is time and place for different things.. for the new ones…

I left school in 2006 and went straight to music business, where I am until now. It seems to me like I had never done anything else.. The truth is, I hadn't ever really done anything else :) I had a great time and I don't want to let it go, but everything's moving. I had suffered too much last year, in private life as well in my profession and I have just one resolve.. To not worry about things so much (? This might not be right, so I'm sorry if I'm translating it wrong. :))

As we've mentioned before, David and I will continue as Panik, we'll feed you with news on our Kyte Player ( or twitter ( - and we will go our own ways in private as well as professional life. (But you'll definitely hear from us - we created Panik, and we'll never give up on Panik, we'll ALWAYS fight, hopefully with you).

Whatever comes next, I'll be ready.. I'm still here, I'm still with you :) hehe…

Keep your ears and eyes open for the trailer to my new shortfilm…

Free song on

24. prosince 2009 v 2:05 | posted by SekSonka

Hey People, were back, back in a new formation, so lets begin:
watch "Es ist Zeit" - Video Clip, the first song of the new Panik: || get the FREE MP3 - click here: ES IST ZEIT

Thank you so much for your support! Hope to see you soon.
Thank you, Timo

Timo's blog - About the tour and a short film (2)

12. prosince 2009 v 16:12 | posted by SekSonka

(c) ; translated by SekSonka

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for a great tour.. It was fun and I can't believe that's over. Well, that's the life. David and me, as I've already mentioned, will post a new track & video on our homepage on 24th December and of course, we'll continue under the name Panik. Thank you and many successes in future to my ex-band-mates. In January we will perform in Moscow which I'm lookinfg forward to. I got up yesterday morning, even though I was exhausted and filmed again… first cuts look really good, I may post some screenshots on Twitter or Blog. I'm excited.

By the way, I got a really funny present from fans: Cell phone, where in messages there is written: I always wanted to have your number :) So I have new cell phone :) But we got also other presents that we're all really excited about. Thank you for all the books and shirts! And I want to thank to everyone who made this tour to be incomparable: THANKS! :) And now I have to go film again…

Timo's blog - About the tour and a short film

6. prosince 2009 v 15:15 | posted by SekSonka

(c); translated by SekSonka

About the tour and a film
Current Mood: Adventurous

So, tommorrow it begins… I'm really looking forward to it; it will be definitely a lot of fun, but it'll be sad at the same time…

Right now I'm cutting a short film which I've been filming during last couple of weeks. I have to film again on tour, so this year will be done. It won't be anything long, it's going to be shorter than 5 minutes, but those 5 minutes will be fully filled, hehe… It's a new experience for me because until now I've always cut only music, but this time I can cut absolutely free, because David is writing orchestral music to it. That means that I'll cut it, after that the music will be added, and after that the speaker.
It'll be interesting because I, as I've already mentioned, found the music at first, then I wrote something and after that I cut the material.

However, this is not the video that we're going to publish at Christmas (I still have to get to that one :)).

I'll probably publish that short film at the beginning of 2010.

Anyways, I'm really excited about Kopenhagen, if something will finally get done for us and our future!

Lastly, I would like to thank to team from "Rock One" (the biggest French rock magazine), for the coverstory and for the support, that we've been able to enjoy the entire 2 years. Thanks!! (

Hamburg Show EN

28. listopadu 2009 v 22:50 | posted by SekSonka

Hey :-)
We would like to record our concert in Hamburg, audio as well as video and that's why we need YOUR help. We thought it would be great opportunity for our fans to stand on stage with us and film our concert. Of course, you need your own camera for that and an interest for filming us - because, obviosuly, it's different to experience concert when you're ON stage than when you're IN FRONT OF stage.

If you're intersted, send us message at

Thank you,

From now on...

22. listopadu 2009 v 14:12 | posted by SekSonka

(c); translated by SekSonka

I'm sorry for not a very good translation, but I just woke up (it's 6AM here in Texas), so just ignore it, when something doesn't make sense, plase. Anyways, this Timo's blog is really good and it's worth to read it. :)

People... What is the thing that connects us? What is it, that chemistry or that bond that makes people so emotional? When we let someone to get close to us, that's when we get sensitive. But is then right not to let someone get close to you just from the fear of being hurt? I believe that if it's like that the whole life, then the person starts to feel nothing. Is it true, that if someone is not loved in his/her childhood, he/she can't love in future? Love is the most beautiful thing in the whole world.. It always sounds so pathetic, but just because some well-sold-singers and Kleenex movies modified that word.
Love is the most beautiful thing in the world, I mean, why do we live? Just to be happy and to have a good time? In simplified meaning, that's the purpose of our lives. There's only one question left; question that is asked by everyone and question that nobody has answer for: How do I become happy?
Things that make me happy:

Standing on the stage (hehe)
Watching Scrubs (it's way better if I watch with my loved ones)
Hobbit biscuits (not for long, I'll get over them latest tomorrow)
Sex (by good sex you'll forget about EVERYTHING what's going on, you don't care about anything, you're just happy and thankful to your partner, if you have that kind of sex :))
Stargate (now I'm starting to question myself, if I don't watch TV too much, when 2 from 5 happy moments of my life are TV shows)
Sport (sometimes, you have to really force yourself, but after that you're just happy and satisfied. So let no one to say opposite :))

But even from all these things that make me happy, there's one most important part: never being alone. The fact that you have someone who you internally and externally know; who you trust, and who you can share with all these moments that make you happy. And if you're really lucky, you don't even need those happy moments to be happy, if you found the right person.

Guys, life is great! Even though people don't want to hear it... Life is great! Really, you can do so many things! God gave us body and brain and we should use them as much as possible.

Changes in life are inseparable; that's it, they can be painful and hurt forever, but sometimes everyone will get to a point when everything will start to get better. When everything start to be normal again and you will be able to breathe again. Guys, don't give up! I know that it's easier to write than to actually do it.
I personally am right now in situations when a big black hole blocked my view. The problem is that it doesn't matter how much I'm trying to hold it back, the hole is still getting closer and closer. It's still getting closer and closer, day after days, hour after hour, every time it's a bit closer…

Enjoy every second of happiness because every happy moment will sometimes end and then you'll have to wait for another one. There will come a lot of other ones, I know it. But until then we have to stand also the bad moments. Even if it's hard to go through some of them…

Guys, life sucks (didn't he just say that life is great? :)), but we have to make the best that we can from it. So screw the rest of the world, I'm coming now and I'm standing here, not dead yet. Everything's going to be all right :)

Thank you for your support, I just was in very bad mood and now I'm going to bed and I'll read something…
By the way, I just looked and the last blog became the most favorite from MySpace Deutschland. I'm always so surprised! And it's fun to talk to you. Our small circles just always help me in some way to escape in the evening and I hope there's more of us..

So is it and so will it also remain ..

14. listopadu 2009 v 13:56 | posted by P.2K
Oh, I am just SO glad to read one of Timo's blogs again. I knew he would write something like this and I'm so thankful! For the beginning of the blog , because it has a very important meaning to me. Not just in the relation with the band, but also with my current situation in my life. I am also glad about the rest of the blog. It's a great feeling that Timo is so thankful to us, the fans. And the most important thing : THANKS FOR NOT GIVING UP!

So is it and so will at also remain .. That's life .. I sit here and I don't know what to write .. it's for me just as hard as it is for you .. but that's life .. it goes in only one direction and it doesn't matter how much someone misses the foretime, it won't come back, so we should be glad about what we have now, about what we're living right now, about that what we could have been experiencing. Be happy every day and make every day the best, that's how we should be in life. And even if it will look differently in the future, as we thought, it's still the future and it will remain the future, so don't try to re-build it based on what you haven't reached.
I'm not giving up .. I am lucky to have people around me, who show me, what's right, and even if they don't do it, they still believe in me. Sometimes I have those phases like everyone does : Everything is f*cked up. And then it's hightening. That's okay for a little while, for some time, but then people have to get up again, get on your feet and continue. I know that's it's all unbelievably sad, and I know that a lot wished this to be different,, me too, but those are all things that help us grow up, those are all things that help to show us, who we are.
One great band once said : "We all have problems, but the way we deal with them shows, who we are." I am not giving up; I don't plan to hide somewhere and feel sorry for me, or for these times.I am not giving up .. I will fight, as I always did and I am unbelievable happy to have people by mi side, who support me : YOU.
Such wonderful stories as I have read yesterday, about you, about your friends, about what connects you to our music and what happened to you thanks to you, it all supports me not to give up. I got letters, about friendships you have made thanks to us. I read about people who were at the end and they got back on their feet because of our music, to start over again, it's the best and prettiest, which makes me proud. It's more than the golden disc on my wall :) Actually I should hang your letters up there!
Yes, it is the end and yes, almost all of us will go different ways, but I hope, everyone will be happy on their way. I am .. thanks to you ..


I'm asking myself | 18.10.09

19. října 2009 v 23:46 | posted by SekSonka
| (c) ; translated by SekSonka
| read the german original

I'm asking myself how someone can vote for nuclear force…
I'm asking myself how someone can live in this word without thinking about this world…
I'm asking myself how blind, egoistic and intolerant someone must be to not think about the next generation…
I'm asking myself why so less people chose green…
I'm asking myself in what country do we live in, when criminals are treated better than the victims…
I'm asking myself why me and every other person who pays taxes, gives money for prison to make the rooms better, to give them television and gyms, even though the recidivism is more than 70%...
I'm asking myself why the victims of rape don't get much support and those, who destroyed their lives, can get freedom just because of good behavior AFTER they can enjoy education in prison…
I'm asking myself what world do we live in, when nobody cares about those things…
I'm asking myself why nothing happens even though people are interested in it…
Is it because we are turned away? Or is it because we get too much information from media?
I'm asking myself how someone can use this excuse…
I'm asking myself why there are less and less people walking down the streets…
Do people not have any problems? And if they don't, do they even care about other people's problems? Is it the fault of TV and internet? Or are we just so stupid from all of these news and videos which we see on the internet? Did someone 12 or 10 years also start to watch porno 10 years ago? When those kids will be raised by kids who don't even know true love and grew up too fast. Kids who couldn't enjoy real school education, because drugs and violence were more important in school than substantives and compound sentences? And then those kids once become president or minister. How sick is this world?

Or those 12 or 10 years old won't even have a chance to get to know this world, form it when they are old enough to do that, because the Earth will get destroyed by US, our generations. Because we won't stop CO2 eliminations? Because WE won't care? Because WE will not do anything?

That's what I'm asking myself.

Franky on tour with Martin Kilger

17. října 2009 v 21:00 | posted by P.2K
Hi people,
I'll be a guest in the start of Martin Kilger's tour.
I will come to Berlin and Hamburg for sure, maybe somewhere else too..
Who knows ;)

SOURCE & german original : Franky's Myspace Blog

Timo's myspace blog | 16.10.09 | Yes...

17. října 2009 v 0:03 | posted by SekSonka
| translated by SekSonka
| click here to see the german original

What can I say, (I'm back again :) )...

It's midnight and I'm still on my laptop.. Is it bad? Yes! Do I want it? No, but what else can I do? Go to sleep and read a book before that.. Should I do it right now? Yes.. Why can't I? Why do I have that stupd feeling, since I was little kid, that if I go to sleep I'll miss something? Why do I have the feeling that I can do something better than just lay? Why is every evening a battle?
And even though I know that it would be better for me just to go to sleep early and then wake up early, even though I keep making my day longer and do something that will chase me away from sleep… That's not good. That can't be good… Is it because I am a weak character? Is it a weakness? I remember my school days, I would stay awake until night and sleep just 3 or 4 hours and then I would be tired in class and wouldn't pay attention. And even though I knew it was bad, I did it again and again!
What is that, that feeling deep inside, that tells me: "Don't go to sleep! Don't go!"?
Who is it?

I hate it; it makes me sulky and moody, it sucks not to have enough sleep and that's my case almost always.

Is it because of a lot of thoughts which are calling for answers and won't let me alone until they get those answers? Why am I actually writing this blog?

I surely don't belong to those, who need attention for any price. I despise that. What is it then? I get to that point, where I don't want to be. But what do I want then? Somebody told me once, that these blogs are my deepest thoughts and I notice that only if I read it again after me. Beah… It must be really confusing nonsense what I'm writing here, hm?

It is too late… I must go to bed… And will I publish these thoughts now?