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28. května 2010 v 20:20 | posted by SekSonka
translation by Freaky.Conny || beta-read by SekSonka || source

Timo and David from Panik came to our office a few days after the concert in Trabendo. An occasion to talk about a date that will remain in their memory.

What is the first memory that comes to your mind when I talk about your last show in Trabendo?
T : My stage-diving was memorable! I've filmed it for the first time. The jump in the crowd with my camera was amazing.
D : From the stage, yes it was really funny (laughs). We also did something we've never done before : a battle in Detroit rappers' style, between DJ and guitar! It was really spontaneous and cool.
T : I also remember that many people came from different countries. Some of them got tatoos of my lyrics, it's unbelievable!
D : True! There was a swedish fan who tatooed an extract of Vorbei. It was beautiful and impressive.

It was a real event for all Panik fans over Europe. How did you feel when you got on the stage?
D : We were feeling very good! In fact, this time we organized everything on our own, what is another consequence of our split with our old management, six months ago. So i've organized everything. I've never done it before. Until Saturday night, when we finally got on stage, i was overr-excited. Especially because everything went perfectly well. This prove us we can do awesome things without using others' help.

This concert wasn't part of a tour, but a special event. How did you prepare it?
D : It was quite funny because we don't have a rehearsal room anymore. So we rent a rehearsal room from a friend of mine, and we practiced just a few days before the show. Honnestly, we didn't play this year, so once all together, we had to go through the songs again. And furthermore, we were playing with a new bassist (André from Destination Anywhere, the support act). In fact, he knew the songs better than us because he just learned them (laughs), and we were like "shit, we can't play our own songs" (laughs). But at the end, we just repeated the set a few times and everything was back. It's like swimming, you learn and never forget.
T : It was the same with the lyrics. Sometimes I was talking between the songs just to have time to remember the next lyrics. (laughs) But we realized it's in us.

I guess you wanted this show to be unforgettable...
T : Definitely. There were some song on the setlist that we don't usually play.
D : And there was this song with Steven! Steven was our bassist in 2003 when we started. He's a good friend of mine, and he came to me asking if he could play on out last show. Of course i said yes, and we've played this old song "neonazi" that Timo and I play on the same guitar! It's really funny to watch (laughs) It's one of the things which made this show really special, even though we didn't practice it until Saturday !
T : Talking about the setlist, we decided to keep the same we had for the German tour, because it was really working. We just change a bit the order of a few songs.
D : It was also the occasion to play songs from the last album we haven't played yet. Especially because those songs were written to be played live more than the songs from the first album.
T : And we've played the hip-hop songs a bit more rock live. The crowd was bouncing with so much energy. I think the next songs will be in this style.

How did you feel about playing with your old members. Who told you that they were going to leave panik a few months ago?
D : Well..
T : ... The idea came from David, car we had to make a concert for our french fans. There was petitions to which we wanted to answer. And all the old members, except for Linke (bass player) were okay with it, because our french fans deserve it. And our last album didn't come out there, there was no promotion, but the venue was full. It was awesome.
D : Of course, the relation with the others was a bit strange. On one hand, we're still disappointed that they don't want to go on, but on the other hand, we were together for 8 years... That's how it is.

Did you talk about Panik's future with them?
D : We talked about everything but that. No. It's too delicate, a bit like talking to your ex-girlfriend about your old relationship. (laughs)

What about Panik's new projects?
T : We're actually working on new songs, and i regularly shoot short movies.
D : Now the goal is to link music and videos. (laughs)

Live Panik + Destination Anywhere
Torned between the sadness of their official split, and the happiness of seing them all together for the last time, the french audience finally sees its favorite german band full of energy!
From Siegen, David's friends open the show with a set surprisingly fresh. Destination Anywhere's Ska-punk style overflows with energy! 22-years-old david Conrad, blond singer, is surprised by the impact of his music  on the audience which answers him everytime he talks. Later, we found André,  the bass player, again with Panik. Tonight he's taking Linke's place, only member missing from the original band, known before 2009 as Nevada Tan. From the first song, the german band shows an olympic energy. And is really willing to forget the inner tensions of the band to give pleasure to the fans. Timo is rapping unbelievably good while walking trought the stage and meanwhile Frank sings really good, especially in Wollt Nur Wissen. David stays discretely in his corner, as usual, playing nice guitar solos and making the backvoices. He's also making one of the best moment of the show with his piano solo in introduction to Kinder. On the other side, Juri and André are making a good rythmic. And let's not forget Jan, DJ, who won the improvised battle between scratches and guitare! Happy to share this moment with their audience, the band thanks them a lot. Danke schön, Bitte schön !

Rock One 63 translation - David, Timo and the others!

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(c) || translated by SekSonka

David, Timo and the others!

Panik confirmed the concert in France, April 24 in Paris's club Trabendo. An important event for the band and for the fans, proudly announced by guitarist David…

After a hard time at the end of 2009, Panik start with better condition in the beginning of 2010. As Timo and David promised us in cover interview from Rock One vol. 60, they're planning on making a comeback. The concert is planned on 24th April in Paris's club Trabendo: "I think we did everything needed to come perform for you" Concludes David. "I feel a connection with our audience here, and I have to say the club that we performed in Lille (Splendid, 20 October 2007) is the nicest one we've ever played int." The band has already played in Trabendo, the last concert here was on 23 October 2007, back then under the name Nevada Tan. "We speeded up the coming back to the Trabendo stage. The whole band will be there except for Linke. We have another bass guitar player." Exciter guitarist wants to make a real event from this performance: "I hope that the audience will help us make this an unforgettable concert. I believe them!" The presence of the drummer Juri, DJ Jan, and singer Frank is a proof of friendship that remained between the old band members - David a Timo (vocals) officially announced the band's break-up today. "We still have a good relationship. I celebrated my birthday with Timo, Juri and Jan recently. We played Laser Tag for the firs time. It was awesome!"

Besides, David told us that he's the main character of Timo's short-film "At Second Glance". The trailer is already published on their official website, as well as a trailer of the last German concert in the old lineup, December 10 2009 in Hamburg. The new history is starting..

Panik - Together we can acomplish everything!

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(c) ; translated by P.2K

This interview was made with David and Timo a short time before their planned Moscow concert.

On you band blog you wrote that you were really tired, practicaly without energy. Isn't it time to take a short break?
David : Really, the last year was really hard for us. A lot of work. Arguments with the managers. Many concerts. But no, we don't need a break. We need the oposite, now we've reached what we wanted. We really like how the band exists just by itself. We want to switch to positive emotions. That's why we need even more concerts, visit even more cities. We want to play in Russia and in other towns. We want to play in St. Petersburg.

You are real workoholics. Do you ever take a break?
David : We didn't have a break the last three years, but it's okay, we're still alive.

And don't you mind if the work matches with personal celebrations? Or how do you take care of these situations?
David : The last year we played a concert at Timo's birthday. It was fun, we don't mind.

Not just a little bit?
David: No, not at all.

I've heard that Timo loves series. So you've got to have some free time. Timo, which series do you like?
Timo : I love Stargate from the time I was child. At first it was a movie from Roland Emmerich. Great! Really great! And then the series started and I was addicted to it. I like sci-fi, but not some boring sci-fi, like Star Trek. Action, there has to be a lot of action!

And have you seen Emmerich's movie 2012?
Timo: Yes.

Did you like it?
Timo: It wasn't bad. I guess I did.

Can you advise us any good serie?
Timo : Scrubs - the best I've ever seen! The best comedy!
David : Timo doesn't really say it, but he love's animated. Mostly Griffins (Family Guy).
Timo: Hey, Shut up!

Right, and what about some other hobbys? What about football?
Timo: Nooooo!
David: I don't know why everyone thinks we love football. It's wrong. We don't care about football at all. But we'll watch a little of the next world championship, Germany will also play!
Timo: Where will it be happening? In South African Republic? It'll be interesting to watch how they'll manage the organisation, they have political problems over there all the time.

Did you plan 2010 so your concerts won't happen in the time the matches will be played?
Timo: Not at all. It isn't so important, that we would cancel concerts because of that.

I know, that you write blogs a lot, especially Timo. Are you addicted to the internet?
Timo: No. I am not the type of person who lives on the internet. I just communicate through the net with a huge amount of people. You can talk with a person from Russia, India or the other side of the world through the internet.

Is the support from your fans in the form of comments important to you?
Timo: Yes. Here you can see how many people care about what's happening in your life, when you decided to share it.

Anyway, you didn't tell us why the new album is called Panik. Even tho you exist seven years, do you have the feeling that you have to prove something to people?
David: We had quite a lot of names for the new album, but then we chose simply Panik. It's what we are. It's only our album, and no one elses. These are our songs and no one can tell us the rules. That's how you can explain the title.

Don't you have the feeling, that the second album is more of a debut than the first one, NHD?
David : Yes we have. We recorded it for 8 months! And half of the songs isn't really new, some of them we have for quite a long time. So in the beginning we recorded two songs and said to ourselves : and who will produce it? We didn't think for long and said we'll do it all by ourselves! And that's how I became a producer. But that's already our new story.

Is it hard?
David: No it wasn't hard, but it wasn't easy too. I work with my friends, a producer has to be strict sometimes. But together we can acomplish everything.

In the musical jungle - German FAZ

7. února 2010 v 4:20 | posted by SekSonka
(c) ; translated by SekSonka
by Jan Hauser

I'm really sorry for all the errors, but I'm really tired and stressed right now. But hopefully it's good enough for you to get something from it. :)

05 February 2010
Timo Sonnenschein closes his eyes. He could be dreaming now. Dreaming about them performing in front of thousands fans in Russia and France, about girls screaming their names, about them getting lost in their music. Sonnenschein closes his eyes, opens his mouth and screams. He could dream about how it would be, if young people didn't just listen to their album, but bought it too. Wrinkles appearing on his forehead, veins on his neck, he shouts his anger out to the microphone in his hand. That all goes with it - with performing, songs, music by Panik, who were called Nevada Tan just a couple years ago and considered the new huge young band.
Timo Sonnenschein, 22 years old, short black hair, raps and screams, but the band is breaking up.. because of what they've been through. Because their singles have never stayed in the charts for more than a little while.. Because it has always been hard for them to get enough albums sold in the stores.. Now they're practicing for their last collective tour without knowing that it's the last one. David Bonk, 21 years old, black, shoulder-length hair, is sitting in a chair with a guitar in his hands. Next to him, Juri plays drums, 23 years old, blond hair. They make rock, their lyrics are in German - about love, environment, the world; they're dark, aggressive and loud. DJ Jan Werner, 21 years old, Christian Linke, 22 years old, who plays the bass, and the singer Frank Ziegler, 22 years old; they are all standing in the living room, rocking.

Concerts in Paris, Prague, and Moscow
In a bungalow in Hamburg - Bergedorf (which was rented for the band) suitcases with musical stuff and equipment lay everywhere. Ziegler, with his full beard, and long brown hair covered with a hat, comes from Heidelberg, the drummer Schweve from Hamburg, others are from Neumunster. The walls are orange, in the sink of the brown kitchen dirty pots are waiting to be washed; painted portraits are hanging on the walls in the hallway. They brought these from Eastern Europe.

In May 2007, their first album "Niemand Hort Dich" reaches 8th place in German charts, was sold 100000 times and was awarded gold in Russia. They performed in Paris, Prague, Moscow, and were nominated for music awards, such as Echo or Comet. But they got no money from the selling of the album. Before their second single, they accused their managers and producers. The courts decision was that the contracts are not valid.

In November 2005, Hamburg, theater "Flora", the band contest. Panik took a part too. A man in a white shirt talks to them: "We have a studio near by, do you want to come?" They are excited and agree immediately. "We saw the studio and we just wanted to make music", says David Bonk, multiple winner of the German music award "Jugend Musiziert". That's how they tell their story: Sonnenschein and he, the band's founders, who've known each other since kindergarten. They even quit school - soon after them Jan Werner too.

The biggest mistake of our lives
Almost without a break, spend the guys the next 9 months in a studio, to work on their songs. Two producers come to watch just now and then - at that moment they are looking for a production company for the band, who is called Nevada Tan. Young musicians found out only when they have to go somewhere. That's why they play concert, "showcase", because that's when the band is introducing themselves to the production company, that time it was Fall Virgin. Soon after that, they play a performance for Sony BMG in "Knust" club in Hamburg. Daniel Lieberberg, the boss of the department "Domestic Rock Urban" from German Universal,
walks up to them, while they're leaving the stage. He introduces himself and shakes their hands. Two weeks after that, their two producers call them to the studio. There they find out that Universal wants to sign a contract with them. They should sign it immediately; otherwise "Universal will change their mind". They sign it. "The biggest mistake of our lives", says Sonnenschein.
Mostly it takes a longer time for the production company and the band to get to know each other, says Sigi Schuller from Universal. "I don't think I've ever seen it happening this quickly before". Schuller took care of bands like Tocotronic, Mando Diao and Madsen and also Rammstein. Universal signed the contract with Nevada Tan without taking a closer look on their background. That's not usual, says Schuller, normally the partners know each other in the musical branch. But it was about the "Momentum" back then, about the right moment. "To consider a band good is often very impulsive." That's how it was by the production companies too. At first there's energy which is needed to co-operate. "When the production company misses that, it might happen to be just work and not passion."

Universal paid the manager-producers 100 000€ for the first album. From all of that money Panik see nothing. Sometimes they get some money just to go buy food to the grocery store. They didn't realize they were being treated unfairly. When the manager-producers want 40% of Gema-records, the young men look up a lawyer, who knows what he's doing. He designates the contracts the worst he's ever seen in the musical branch. "The dummest thing about it is", tells Schuller, "to milk a cow that hasn't been born yet". The case goes to the court. After a year and a half the band and manager-producers close a deal - they don't want to fight.

He thinks that he created the band - Eddy Holver, one of the manager-producers at that time.
"Because work out too, if we just put together some casting band". According to his own words, he was taking care just of the management and early production and set a contract, while Lalo Titenkov was producing the songs. Holver was sitting in the contest's jury, thinking: Those fit my concept. "Even though they were bad and were kicked out of the contest, I'm the producer and I just know whether there's a talent or not. So we tried to get the band to start making music. They were 17, 18 years old and of course they had no idea how to write songs."

They should have became the Tokio Hotel followers
Holver doesn't blame himself. "The band is stupid itself. Of course, if someone reaches the 8th place in the charts, he starts to dream big." He wanted to secretly reach a lot: "The boys should have been the Tokio Hotel followers." In the stores it's usually that everyone would like push the other aside with their elbows. The production company suddenly wanted to have the band for themselves. "Universal set the band against us" and with it "destroyed everything for no reason".

It was obvious, that with the accusation it'd be the project's and the band's over. "I didn't earn anything", says Holver. Vice versa:

To be continued soon :)

Panik: At Bonk's account

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Preložili P.2K & Ester pre

An important member of Panik, David Bonk, is a perfect pianist & guitarist. He did a huge part on the production of the second, just released album of the sixette. He introduces his instruments!

What equipment do you use?
David Bonk: I play on Epiphone Baritone Les Paul, I think it's better that all the originals from Gibson. For the sound I use the volumizer Hughes & Kettner WARP and a speaker 4x12 Vintage 30' of the same label. About the effects, I have KORG DTL-200BL, Boss NS-2, Boss CS-2, Line 6 Echo Park, Boss CH-1, Boss RV-3 a Hughes & Kettner Tube Tools Replex.

What's your first memory as a guitarist?
I started to play guitar when I was fourteen, but because I played the piano since I was seix, it wasn't that hard. I never took lessons, I just tried on my own every day. I learned only by trying. The first song I could play was "Samba Pa Ti" from Santana, but then I ran into "Johhny B. Good" from Chuck Berry by watching "Returning to the future". And that was the first one I could really play.

Which ideas did you bring to Panik with your guitar - playing?
Actually I put everything I know and what I like into one pot, I shaked it and there the new ideas are!

What would you advise to those, who want to start with guitar?
Buy a cheeper guitar, I found out that there aren't such differences between cheep and expensive ones! And then try as hard as you can! If you don't have success .. continue! And when it still doesn't work, have a break!

Which best guitarists did you see?
There's unbelievably many good guitarists .. but I'd say Andy McKee or Erik Mongrain, then also Eric Claptom and Mark Knopfler (Dire Straits)

Panik, woodoo and Russia

23. prosince 2009 v 22:25 | posted by P.2K
(c) || translation by P.2K

Thankful fans give their idols many presents! For example Panik like to remember their last tour in Russia. They got a lot - balalaikas, cossack - hats, lapti, valenki. And when the present is a national symbol at the same time, it's nice, but foreseeable at the same time - that's why the guitarist David didn't expect his lookalike - present. "We didn't expect to have so many fans in Russia!" He confessed "There was also many interesting people. You know it, these crazy people, but in the good way. And imagine, one of them gave me a woodoo doll! And not just any doll. It was my copy, small, but it really looked like me. I don't know what the person did to it, but the fact that they gave it to me and didn't do anything bad with it means they don't wish me anything bad. I am really careful to this doll and I try not to break it - it's in my own interest! And I have it in the shelf above the piano"

Panik are back!

19. prosince 2009 v 3:30 | posted by SekSonka
(c) ; translated by SekSonka

During the last couple of years Panik experienced a lot of good things, but also a lot of bad things. Their first album had been in the top German charts for a long time and it brought them nominations for prestigious awards, fanclubs in all over the world and successful tour which led the band to China. And then court trials with their ex-managers (who took their name Nevada Tan and tried to take the rights for their songs). These court troubles didn't end until May 2009. Finally new album with the name Panik - this is what one of the leaders of Panik, rapper Timo, told us.

Rock One Mag #60 | Interview with Timo & David

14. prosince 2009 v 14:48 | posted by P.2K
translated by dusk_till_dawn for universalpanik - forum

We quickly understood that Panik wasn't like the other ones. Sticking to their integrity, the sextette from Neumeüster never hesitated to make radical decisions.
Leaving their management to keep their artistic freedom, and that with the risk of having to start all over again. That's what Panik did, beginning of 2008, losing on the way their old name (Nevada Tan). But that is barely nothing compared to the announcement made this past November in a official letter. This one, without being crystal clear, is clear enough to understand that Panik is currently living in a crisis situation, quoting that "a part of the band doesn't have the energy to walk this way anymore". The decision is irrevocable, and it won't change. Today, Panik consists of two members : the singer Timo and David, the guitarist. Contacted soon after, the neo-duo accepted to open to us, but only under one condition : "pas de langue de bois" (means saying the real stuff / not a politicaly correct speech). That's how we jumped into a conversation where Timo and David spared nobody.

click on "celý článek"

How would it be if I were your girlfriend .. Franky?

3. prosince 2009 v 17:48 | posted by P.2K

Girls and love : Boys are soft too, when they are in love. If it's by rocksinger Franky (22) from PANIK like that too? We asked him ..

The singer of the band from Neumuenster is really hot. Charming, he looks good and he has a sweet sign - his cotton cap. So we asked the 22 - years - old right away, how his dreamgirls should look like, how could she make a good impression so he would fall in love with her. Maybe you can be the right girl for him ..
Honestly : at what do you first look?
The face. But a girl which only looks good, but you can't really talk with her would lose by me after a few words.
How would she have to be to win your heart?
She should be honest and a bit cheeky. I want to laugh with her and she should also know what she wants.
How would you surprise her?
Romantic is a good invention. (smile) So I would eat with her in private by the light from candles.
How could she impress you?
By knowing a lot about things I know nothing about. Or if she was better in sport than me. Then I would be really into her and she would win my heart.
Do you believe in love at first sight?
Not at love at first sight, but at "i like you" at first sight.
How would the first date look like?
Meet on the beach, away from all the hectic and chaos. We could talk without something disturbing.
Would you kiss her after that?
Only if I would be sure that it's the right moment. Or if I'd be sure that I wouldn't have another opportunity in a long time to do that. There's nothing worse then going home thinking "Why didn't I kiss her?"
Complete the sentence "Love is .."
.. total trust, if you can talk about everything and just let yourself fall.
How would you react if she would be jealous?
I would try to not give her a reason to be jealous. But if there would be too much jealousy, I would think something for myself ..
Could she give you nicknames, or is it embarrassing for you?
If the couples name the other "Mäuschen" (Mouse) or Bärchen (Teddy), it's making me throw up. But "Schatz" (cca Darling) is the top in feelings. But maybe some creative nickname would be good.
What means the end?
Unfaithful is not acceptable. When I feel let down one time, I can't get rid of it. It sticks on me like an old bubblegum ..

The six guys called themselfs "Nevada Tan" before and they just released their second album "Panik". Their music style : rap & rock with good german lyrics.

Panik : "We wanted to throw everything away!"

2. prosince 2009 v 22:26 | posted by P.2K

This interview is a bit older, it was made right after the release of their new album.So there isn't anything about the beak-up.

Nevada Tan is history. The new album from Timo & co. is called just like the band itself : PANIK. We talked with singer Franky with arguments in the band, famous fans and China ..

You had a lot of stress ..
Yes, our argument with the ex-management needed a lot of energy. There was also the idea to end everything. But now we feel better then anytime before. Nobody pushes is in the way we don't want to go. We stand behind the new album 100%ly
But 6 boys argue, or?
Of course! But we have a rule : When someone doesn't like something about a song, he has to have an idea about changing it. That works!
Did your fans stay with you?
Yes, we had a great support on our web forum. That has helped us a lot!
But you are also supported from worldstars ..
Do you mean Mike Shinoda from Linkin Park? Yes, it was super, how he wrote about us on his blog! It's a sign for everyone who didn't take us seriously because we are so young.
But you are also known all over the world, you are successful in many european countries and also in China.
Yes, we can travel som much, it's great! We like to get to know new coultures! Funny, the things you have to know! In China you can't blow your nose int he public, but you can burp! Freaky!
Do you have any advice for new bands?
Take the chance per internet! Many stars were found on myspace for example!

Interview with David - Rock One Mag 11/09

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| Translation by Dusk_Till_Dawn ;
| Corrected by SekSonka
original soruce: Rock One Mag

It took two years of hard work in the studio for Panik for the second album with the same name to first see the light. David, the guitarist, talk to us about this enriching and benefit experience for this German sextette.
We left Panik in June 2008, determined to take a hold of their destiny. Something that the group from Neumünster, near Hamburg, did during these long months of silence : "Last two years were filled witch challenges and problems for us" concedes David, guitarist and co-producer of Panik. "It would be a lie to claim that all of this didn't infuenced the music and the work progress."

Arguments by Panik!

21. listopadu 2009 v 13:33 | posted by P.2K
Tension by Panik. Last week Bravo exclisively announced the break-up of the band - even their recording company found out only because of us! Ex-Stars even complained at their internet homepage - and put a muzzle on singer Franky's mouth, who told Bravo the exclusive information. There were always arguments between the band members - and they made no exception by the break-up. At least Franky has some future in the Showbusiness : He became a part in Disney Movie "Alles für Lila" (Sept. 2010). Good luck!


P.2K : Omg, I hate everything about this article. The way it's written, what is written .. everything!!

Nevada Tan are coming back as Panik!

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|| read the german original

Hamburg - They were called Nevada Tan before, performed with the mix of Hip-Hop, Metal and Rock and with the lyrics about loneliness, broke families and relationships. That's why they reached many young fans' hearts.
"Niemand Hoert Dich" (2007) is the name of the debut album, that is listened to by many people and which was sold almost 100.000 times. Then the change came: Nevada Tan are now called Panik, what was their previous name, because their ex-managers take the name that they became famous through away from them.
A year and a half of argue deprived them of many strength and nerves. "We feel like we're releasing our debut album. Panik is our baby and that's how it's always been. It's a good, different feeling." Rapper Timo says.
With "Lass mich Fallen" is now out their new single - enjoyable Rock-Rap-song. For jumping!
And because there's many enthusiasm left in boys, they started Video-Interview-Action, where they will answer 10 best fan questions. ;

Panik: Old name - new album

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In 2007 we wrote an article about a young band from Neumunster that appeared in the spotlight of music business. That was when they were called Nevada Tan and they gained hearts of many teenagers. But even then they didn't like the space that was given them. They wanted to be who they really are, be taken seriously and not like a sweet boy band that can just play the instruments and look cool. Exactly like then, even today boys write their lyrics by themselves and produce their album nearly on their own. With their new album "Panik" they're not just coming back to their old name but they're also celebrating they general comeback. "Lass Mich Fallen", a great piece which connects all the elements by which are Panik loved. Calmer moments draw by Franky's voice are switching with Timo's rap before they begin to sing the chorus together. In spite of instrumental tricks and intro with choir in the background is song full of energy.
Full stream ahead for the successful second lap!

12 Wallpapers (by Ksenya)

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AMAZING *____*. Ksenya, thanks for the email!
please don't copy without the source

Panik - "Lass mich fallen" - English

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(c) // translated by SekSonka
original source:

Panik are back - with their old name and new album. On that new album they were doing everything as they wanted. All facts about single "Lass Mich Fallen"!

"Lass mich Fallen" is saying that every person is responsible for his own life and actions. People can only get up from the ground only by force of their own effort. Watch the video "Lass Mich Fallen".

The new album will be released 25/09/09. All the experiences that guys have been through after the release of their first album "Niemand Hort Dich" they now processed and put on the new album. Their first album, which was released under their previous name - Nevada Tan immediately reached the Top 10 chart and kept there for 26 weeks. The band was nominated for 2 Echo awards. But boys had to say goodbye to their old management. There was a breaking the contract conditions and the argument ended up at the court. Franky & co. left their old name to their ex-managers and picked their old name again - Panik. They're getting ready for a tour in December with their new album! You can find more about Panik on their website :

Franky's birthday in german Bravo - translation

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There isn't much happening around the band Panik in the last time.
These six boys ere in the studio to record the songs for the new album.
This process is done, but the date of the release is not sure yet.
But there sure is a reason to party. Not the album release, but the
22 birthday of their singer, Franky! Happy B-Day!!

Okej #11/08 - translation

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Information about..


  • Are from Germany
  • Earlier they had the name Nevada Tan.
  • The singer Franky loves tortillasnacks
  • Plays metal and is often compared with Linkin Park.
  • The german magazine Bravo has often written about them and it says have been big help for their popularity.
  • Were signed with Universal, same as Tokio Hotel and Cinema Bizarre.
Translated for by Amanda (

The first time you ... - translation

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The first time you..

You kissed someone?
Jan: I started early and had my first kiss when I was 8. And I was really nervous. But when she kissed me, it was quite cozy.
Juri: My first kiss was when I was 14. Looks like I'm a bit... late?
Franky: I can't remember when I kissed someone for the first time. But it wasn't so good if I remember right. It was depressing. I think I have to go through "first time" more times to really like it.

You had love trouble?
Juri: It was something terrible! When it happend me the first time I locked myself in my room and wrote a song, which made me thinking about other things. Music is the best medicine. If someone can't even write music because of something like that, he should learn it. But it's difficult, because in this situations, the heart has opposite views than the brain.
Timo: My help is always some sort of sport, or hanging out with my friends and then I'm thinking about other things.

You were drunk?
Jan: The first time I got drunk was when I was 15! It was terrible, I couldn't remember anything!
David: I don't drink much! But before I became drunk faster than now. So on one side it was quite practical, because it didn't cost so much money..

You watched porn?
Franky: In any case, it was very interesting! It was an American film from the internet.. Davy Marie Dukos was playmate. It's a very sexy latin brunette with big tits.
Linke: Bläh! Watching porn..

You bought condoms?
Franky: I've actually never bought condoms! For my older sister did always gave it to me.
Jan: My sister gave them to me to, but I got no problem to buying it myself.

You had a curfew?
Jan: It wasn't so bad when my parents gave me a curfew. I could have it good. I watched TV or invited my friends. At that time we had the best parties!
Franky: My parents did never such a thing to me. I don't think it's good when parents lock their childrens in. We're learning the most things outdoors, and mistakes are a part of it.

You saw a naked girl?
Timo: How it was? Sexy, perfect, new?
Jan: But sometimes it's even more exciting. For example, when she only has some clothes on and then you can imagine what's under..
David: Yes exactly. Imagination is sometimes more exciting!

You had sex?
David: I think many people think of sex in many different ways, for the first time for the most part. How can it be good when you don't know how and what to do?

You got a tattoo?
Timo: My first tattoo didn't even hurt.
Jan: My did. I thought I would die when they were going to add color inside.

Translation by jejj3

Kamarát 11/07- translation (from Prag)

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Nevada Tan exclusively for "Kamoš" (That´s the name of that magazine.)

Nevada Tan came on 26. Sept. to Prague to give some interviews for popular magazines, and to give one small show to fans from Czech republic (And SVK too, we were there! xD). Our magazine was the only slovak magazine there, so he´s got one exclusive interview which was made from some of your interesting questions!

What´s the best part of being famous and what´s the worst?
T:mo: Everything has it´s own positives and negatives. The negative side is sometimes, that people know us on the streets, so we can´t just go for a walk or so on. But we counted with it..The good thing is, to be sure, that we can do that, what we always wanted to do - the music. We can still live with it, we can pursue with it.
Do you use some "masks" on the streets, or is it ok for you to be known?
T:mo: Sure we like when people know us, but sometimes it makes me a little nervous.
David: Od course it´s better for me, when I get up at 8 in the morning all sleepy and I want to go get some bread or hatever, it´s more comfortable to go there by myself. (laugh)
Does it bother you?
David: No, not really, it´s good to have fans, when they know you on the street, it´s a part of it all, but sometimes we need a little more privacy.
What do u think about Superstar/Idol (like american Idol)?
T:mo: We found ourselves really good - we are not some of those unnatural bands, we know each other from the furst grade. People get big chances in Idols, or in all these castingshows, but those contracts aren´s always the best ones.They finish they carriers after one or two yoears, pity sometimes. That´s the reason, why we´re trying to get ourselves there where we want to go by our selves, without big help.
Did u allready have some fights in the band?
Jan: We are 6 good friends and we know each other since long long time ago.If there would be aome thrill between us, there´s always somebody, who can make it up. He says : Hey guys, whta´s the problem? But when there is a fight, it´s always really short.
Can u say some secrets about others from the band?
Jan: Something recret? Huh .. noo!
David: That doesn´t belong here (laugh)
T:mo : No, we don´t have any bad qualities!
Did u have any "holes" on the stage ?
T:mo: We were a bit crazy on the stage the last time and David accidentaly hit me in the face with the guitar - I didn´t pay attention at it in that moment, I had too much adrenalin in me, but then I saw myself in the mirror and I saw one huge monokle.
David: He had a one great sign from us, like we were boxers!
What would u do, If u weren´t in a band?
T:mo: We´ll be in a band forever .. I wouldn´t do anything else!
David: Something connected with music.
Do u still have stagefrights?
T:mo: Of course, if we hadn´t , it wouldn´t be a good concert I think.
David: Of course of course!!
What do u do before the concert? Do u have some rituals? Some talismans?
David: Yes! There is one american serie in germany, and there is one retarded guy. He wistles all the time. We do the same!
What would u say to young bands, to get popular?
T:mo: Play, Play, Play!
Jan: And perform a lot and everywhere.
T:mo: And be true to urselves . Believe in u, believe in ur music!
David: Take care of each other instead of fighting. Fights can brak a lot!