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YOU 2010: Save Your Planet [translation]

18. srpna 2010 v 21:10 | posted by SekSonka
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Hey, my name is Timo Sonnenschein and I'm from the band Panik. I have a question for you: Have you ever heard of webmob? No? Check this out! And.. I see two..
Hey! I would need your help for a while.
Girl: what is it?
Do you know Flashmobs?
Girl: Yes
Yeah? That's good.. But YOU and Save Your Planet is giving you a chance to participate in the first webmob ever.
Girl: That's cool.
We want to change something with your help. We want to send a message by the first online Flashmob with the topic YOU 2010 - Save your Planet.
Girl: Great. What exactly is it about?
Everyone can, should and must participate. Take a picture of you, upload it on and it doesn't matter why, just make sure you're visible in the picture. Tell your friends about this, because only together we can change something. Out target is to build a huge globe from yours, your friends' and thousands of others people's pictures. So you'll take a part?
Girl: Sure.
Good, so the only thing you need to do is upload your picture on and if you're lucky you can even win great prices! Take a part too! We're counting on you!

Juri for - english translation

19. června 2010 v 14:09 | posted by P.2K

(c) ; preložila P.2K & SekSonka

The last Panik concert is behind us, how do you feel about that?
Good and bad. It's a nice question, how do I feel. Actually I felt like the last concerts were in December, that was when Linke was playing with us. He was not in Paris.

Has anything changed now?
It was all a long process, everything was moved, the last Panik concert and now I have more organized and steady rhythm of life. University, I'm studying jazz-drums, sometimes I have weekends just for myself, now I do a lot of different kinds of music, what's very interesting for me, I also play more music than in the Panik - times, because back then we had many other things to do, but I feel good now, I have more time for myself.

What did you gain by being a part of Panik?
From Panik as a band the time spent in the studio and experience, it became a routine, even the concerts became common and it doesn't matter if they were big or small, I almost stopped being nervous..

Can you imagine playing with Panik in the future?
Yes, of course. Actually, we're momentarily doing something with David, we're in contact and we work together a bit.

Do you still remember some event with fans?
Yes, on the last concert in Hamburg they had a "Dankeschoen" there, it was really nice

What are you actually studying?
Officialy it's called : (I don't understand) musical education and the main lessons are called jazz-drums, so I say I study jazz-drums. That's my main class and then I have other classes like the history of music, and so on, I also learn to play the piano, then I have band education, ehm .. lecture of hearing, a bit of pedagogic ..

Piazumanju is your new band now - how did you get to them?
I study with two of these guys, and I know one of them from the past, when I was preparing for the studies, they were looking for a new drummer and they asked me to play with them. I one saw them live and they got me ..

When can we see you live?
You can read that on myspace, in Hamburg, Lueneburg, mostly with Piazumanju, but I also play with jazz-combo in Bremen, I didn't put that on myspace yet, because I found out just a couple days ago. So you can get the information on my Myspace page.

Do you get to rest a bit after all the stress with Panik and University?
As you may see, yes, on this small festival, we also played here already, but I didn't plan anything for the summer yet, but I'd really like to go on vacation ..

Thanks Juri!

Interview for the French Forum (24.04.2010)

9. května 2010 v 15:13 | posted by P.2K

(c) ; translated by P.2K

Looking back at your career, which things do you remember the most?
Timo : When we first recorded our videoclip. That was very intense.
Franky : When we first played in front of more than 500 people. When we were in China, or here in Paris to play for almost 1000 people, or in Russia ..

Almost half a year ago, you announced that some members are leaving. Your fans reacted - do you realize the role you play in their lifes?
Timo : No. Noo
David : Of course. We are at home, and we do a bit of our music. And then some people like it. And then there is press and journalists and they blow the whole thing bigger - and then there are fans.
Timo : And some fans get a tattoo identical with mine, on the same place, and it's pretty .. (thinks) .. different.

One thing you will miss the most?
Jan : Juri's teeth-gnashing. He does that all the time. I'll miss that.

What do you think about the fans, who came here from abroad?
Timo: It's a nice feeling, that they came here for us, to see us the last time - it's sweet.

One word, that describes your experience :
Timo : One word?
David : One word? (Fan : Three)
Timo : "Les super coups"?
David : What?! "Les super coups"? (Fan : Super Coup is used when talking about sex)
Timo : Oh!
Franky : Why does he do all this?
David : Ehm .. because
Timo : Just because of girls (in english)
David : Girls, Girls, Girls .. (in english)

The song you are most proud of :
Timo : Revolution.
David : What? You are most proud of Revolution? Kinder!
Timo : Perfect and Kinder.

And which song was the hardest to write?
David : Letztes Mal .. we started writing it in 2007 and we finished it in 2009.

Which song is the hardest to play live? 
Timo : Morgencaffee.
Franky : Morgencafee and Dein Echo.
Juri : Unsere Zeit.
David : Yes, Unsere Zeit.

The best moment of the stage?
Timo : When the fans sing with us, we get back the energy from them which we give them. 

When you were producing your second album you said, there will be like 50 songs recorded. What happened with them?
Timo : We pre-recorded 50 songs. They are not completely done yet. I think we'll release them one day.

One word to end all this?
Timo : Alter Latz
David : Alter Latz. Come on, Frank .. Frank has no words. The last word ..
Frank : 4 years with one word?
David : You don't have to tell 4 years in one word, you just have to end it with one word.
Jan : I had a perfect word, but I can't ..
Juri : A tough question.
David : Fettarsch. It all began with this, will it end with it too?
Timo : Les Super Coups.
David : It's hard, it's impossible.
Jan : Panik
David : Panik/c
Frank : Panik/c
David : Too much ..
Timo: Merci. Beacoup.

New Year's: That's how celebrate the stars! (video translation)

30. prosince 2009 v 15:53 | posted by SekSonka
Translated by SekSonka || (c)

Franky: Usually at Christmas, we are at home with our families and New Year's is usually the same, so far we've never been made to perform on New Year's. It's supposed to be good everywhere, but I would recommend London, it's supposed to be amazing at New Year's. But I've never spent New Year's anywhere else than Germany.
David: Now, when you mentioned it, I spend New Year's in London 2 years ago and it was really awesome.
Jan: (To Linke: I'd like to say something too). I've always spent New Year's at home, but last years my parents were gone and I spent New Year's at their house. It was weird, I wouldn't do that again. This year I'd like to spend New Year's some place else, maybe Amsterdam. (Franky: Why Amsterdam…?) Because it's a pretty city and in London there's too much English.

Franky: It's very dangerous to drink a lot at New Year's. You have to be really careful. Last year I met a guy whose shirt was totally ripped apart and his whole body was covered with weird things as If he wanted to shoot 5 rockets at once. It can go really wrong you have to be really really careful. Many people are tipsy and it seems okay for them to bother and endanger others.
Jan: I've experienced something like that too. I was in Garmisch-Partenkirchen at New Year's and I went out for maybe 20 minutes, but it was really dangerous, it was as you were part of a war. Everyone was drunk, it was like a courtyard and there was this tree in the middle and everyone was shooting fireworks right next to it. Of course everything was shot into the tree and then back between the people. I just ran away.

Linke: Last years it was my first time doing fireworks, it was pretty rough… And I'd like to say hi to my step-brother, who was watching the fireworks up in the sky and one of them fell right on his nose and broke it. I've never laughed so hard before. I was standing next to him and thinking: how did that happen? So, I'd like to say hi to Denis!

Franky's favorite shoes

30. prosince 2009 v 15:42 | posted by P.2K

FRANKY : Nike Air. Every person in the world knows that these are the best shoes in the world! They are from Michael Air Jordan and they are here for milions of years, I have many pairs of these shoes, they are also good for your feet. I always have white ones, I take great care of then, I clean them every now and then, very carefully. We have a great advantage, because Nike is our sponsor, just like Snipes now, it's a cool shop with hip hop coulture and many shoes. Last time we went there Timo bought this great cleaning thing for shoes, it's a brush with lemon acid. The shoes are white as when bought after you clean them with it, unbelievable! Yes, Nike Air are the best shoes in the world!

Panik talk about the splitting up (

18. prosince 2009 v 15:33 | posted by P.2K


Dear Panik fans, you have to be really really strong now, because as you know, the boys unfortunately broke up. We met with them so that we could talk to them, how did it happen, why and how it will be in the future.

Common photosessions like the one for the video "Lass mich fallen" won't happen in the future. The band Panik won't play in this configuration, now we are gonna find out, why they split up.

Franky : Somehow we got out of breath. As you know, in September we released our new album and we can say, it's all somehow gone. Actually this tour should have been the promo tour for the album, but it everything happened so fast ..

Is it the fault of your recording company?

Interview from (You Messe '09)

13. prosince 2009 v 17:36 | posted by SekSonka
(c) ; translated by SekSonka

I'm sitting here with a part of Panik, or Panic. How is it pronounced and how did you get to that? One time you were called Nevada Tan, how did you get back to Panik?
Timo: It's written with K at the end, so it's pronounced Panik. We created the name in 2002, that's when our band was created; back then it was that one came, one left. And in 2006 we got together in the same way we are now. That's why we thought that it was time for the new beginning and we should change our name, so we came with the idea Nevada Tan. But after an argument with our management that last really long we though it would be better to get back to our old name, to times when it all had began. So we chose name Panik again.

Okay, your new album is out and is named Panik, what should we or your fans expect? Is it modern music, or did you mentally grew in your music?
Franky: It's varied mix, there's something for everybody, there are songs that you want to just dance to and there are songs that make you calm because they're emotional as "Keiner Merkt Es", or then "Morgenkafé" or "Jeder" when you want to just celebrate. There's something for everyone. Mostly there are songs criticizing social circumstances, like environment or injustices in our world. There's a lot of it.
Timo: The thing is that there are six of us and everyone likes something else. We don't limit ourselves, we simply do, what we want to do. I would call this album experimental. We did some things with orchestra and then we attached it to hip hop beat, but there are also proper drums. We tried to combine some things beyond the boundaries of music. We were told that some pieces sound like Toten Hosen, other ones more like hip hop and classical music together, as I've said. There's also some acoustic stuff, so there's really a lot of things.

I heard that your music is cross-over, what does actually that word mean?
Franky: It means that you mix different styles of music together, like for example hiphop and rock, or r'n'b with techno music. Those are the typical crossover things.

I heard that you are often named german Linkin Park; they had pretty cool co-work with Jay-Z, can you imagine doing something like that?
Franky: We already have our own Jay-Z

Can you imagine working for some time with a German rapper like for example Sido?
Timo: I think there needs to be some king of spirit which is cool when you want to do something lik that. If we meet someone like that, who would like to co-operate with us… But usually we just do our own thing, we haven't done anything like features, yet.

So you're not denying it?
Franky: No, we're very open it this kind of things. If someone comes to us we always listen to the music and work on that, how we like it.

One more question about your name "Panik". Are there thing that you have panic from?
Franky: It's hard to answer question like that, there are a lot of things that people have panic from. For example, when you go at night down a dark, lonely street, and someone suddenly appears. Those are things that are connected to Panik. Few years ago I had Panic from a bird cage.
Timo: I have panic from people that have panic from bird cages.

We're on YOU right now, have you looked around yet?
Timo: Right now we have pretty tough promo plan, we're doing a lot of interviews, we have a small singing stand here; there's a lot of interesting thins in here, we wanted to take that hearing test, but we don't have time for that. But I think it's really itnersting to find out how damaged our ears are.
Franky: That's what we have panic from, too.

Your music fits sport, too, especially extreme sports. Do you do that, do you skate?
Timo: That's nothing for me but Frank here, or Jan for example, I remember that from school, he skated a lot and did such things. Franky was pretty good too, we just tried it recently, but it's nothing for me. But Frank like extreme sports, bungeejumping, that was pretty scary, he has my rescept for that, it was pretty high and I looked down how he flew it was 500 meters per 5 seconds.

Hey, we're Panik and you can find our album in stores since 25 September. If you want to, buy it, now you're on

Franky & Martin Kilger - Video. (translation)

11. března 2009 v 12:32 | posted by P.2K

FRANKY: "Hi, Martin said that he won't say anything,
we are in the last burst of preparations for "Weinen
Tour '09", we practiced a lot, the band is great, we are
great too, of course. We are looking forvard to Berlin,
it's tomorow, I hope a lot of you'll come, It'll bee cool,
very cool. We can't wait to see you. Tschüß."

Translated by P.2K (c)

PANIK TV - Horrible News - Translation

18. února 2009 v 10:34 | posted by SekSonka

TIMO: Welcome to our official..
DAVID: It´d sound so gay, if we´d say it together,that´s why I didin´t continue ..
TIMO: Oh, but we can say it together .. then it´ll be so "boy group". Hi we are ..
DAVID: No, it´ll be all oevr the internet!
TIMO: .. Panik and we´d like to welcome you on our official homepage.
DAVID: (at the same time) .. And welcome to our official homepageeee. See? We can' t do it ..!!
TIMO: Should we try it again?
DAVID: No, not again! We have more important things to say. For example this. It is our new temporary homepage, couse the main one is being rebuilt. Well, it' s very simple, only with the kyte player, and down here u can watch ALL our old videos.
DAVID: .. ALL! You could do that earlier too, but now they are devided into the most watched, the best ones and so on.
TIMO: We' ve been doing this for a year and we have reached the 15. place from all the kyte videos in the world. It's great, we' d like to thank you! And we are the only European Band in the Top20, just because you ..
DAVID: watch
TIMO: .. our Kyte videos, our production and it seems that you are really interested. So we thank you for that. And now .. the horrible of the horrible ..
DAVID: message.
TIMO: ..kyte video. Well, I - maybe you'll hate me right now - didn't finish the street single yet, so it'll be released the next month. I'm really sorry. You can send the hater emails to David.
DAVID: And I'll devide them into the better ones and worst ones .. and then I'll give them to Timo.
TIMO: Well, I am really sorry, I'd like to finish it - but since I'm doing it alone -
DAVID: Timo needs some more time, he's not that fast.
TIMO: Ok. That's all. Enjoy the Kyte Videos.

Translated by P.2K

Panik TV - What is it? OMG, a lil Streetsingle! - translation

8. února 2009 v 17:15 | posted by P.2K
Timo: Hi, welcome to our official Panik Homepage, there's my new friend, Tom,
the stove. He warms me up. I am cutting our DVD at the moment,
which will be a bonus to the limited edition. Apart from that, I'm finishing the street single
, which will be released this month. We're not telling u which song it's gonna be,
but it'll be really good. Now I'm filming the stove, so u can feel more like home here. Bye."

Schwul oda was - video with translation

2. února 2009 v 15:27 | posted by P.2K
translation by KSENIA x)

Panik at Yagaloo -part 1. [3.3.08] (translation)

29. listopadu 2008 v 13:28 | P.2K

LINKE: "Yes, hello hello, here are Panik, we are taking over Yagaloo today, we are the guests in Bangaloo. And now comes Xavier Caféine, he comes from Quebec. It's some .. alternative punk rock and .."
FRANKY: "He has a great album Giselle"
LINKE: ".. and yes, he has a beautiful hole between his teeth and .. have fun by his video."


T:MO: "Hi, we are still with Yagaloo, we are still Panik & it's still March the 3. And now comes Adam Greene, but I'm not gonna do it alone, because in TV it's better when u talk about it a bit. So Frank, what do u think about Adam Greene?"
FRANKY: "AG is a beautiful curl-head, he comes to Berlin on April the 22. and who wants to become the apetite can listen to his CD "Sixes & Sevens" .. have fun & then u'll maybe come to see him live."
T:MO: "Maybe. So have fun with AG"


DAVID: "Okay, we are back again here, with Yagaloo and we are gonna talk about our first bought vinyls."
JAN: "I was so small .. I had all from Otto!"
DAVID: "Those were ut first ones?"
JAN: "Mmm.Jope!"
T:MO: "I had some Bible Story. That one was really good! And .. also the Thriller from Michael Jackson. And I still think he's great!"
FRANKY: "The first one I've bought for my own money was .. Fools Garden"
JURI: "I had a lot of those vinyls. Mostly the children-storys like "Freunde", or "The small ghost". But my first CD was Live - Toten Hosen."
LINKE: "Padeoli"


JAN: "Everything's clear, I always wanted to do this .. to say that there's a commercial upcomming. So .. after the break u can win super tickets to a great club & mm .. T:mo is touching me here .. So stay with us, we'll be back after the break."

PANIK TV - "Dein Song - Kika" - joshua & julian comercial - transl.

16. listopadu 2008 v 15:33 | petush

DAVID: Wonderful good evening, we are now at the "Dein Song" (Your Song) - finale. We are the partners of Julian & Joshua, who are gonna perform here tonigt with us, on this beautiful stage ( .. there's the stage, everything is being prepared ..). We are gonna be here tonight for example with Nena, Samy Deluxe .. and many others. And of course, we'd be happy if u voted for our partner Joshua, for both of our partners - Joshua & Julian. They are gonna perform here tonight their song "Stubenrocker"
T:MO: Yeah, and we want u to call here, for them. That is the voting. And we want them of course to win, as "Songwriter of the year".
DAVID: And because of that .. we want u to vote for them.
T:MO: That's why we are making our fans vote, to help.
DAVID: That's right! Tonight at 19:15 on Kika.(smile)
T:MO *thumb up* :D

translation - (c) by petush. (

David Thanks for "Jetix Award '08 - Coolest Live Act" - transl.

31. října 2008 v 11:50 | petush
EN: Hi, I wish u a beautiful evening, I want to thank u for the whole band for the "Jetix Award - Coolest Live Act".
We'd like to thank u very very very much. The whole band didn't count with the winning of this award & we are really pleased & Alex danced much .. haha :D

Translated by Petush (:

Viva Live [17.10] #1 Translation

22. října 2008 v 18:40 | SekSonka
Mod: Well!
Timo: Well? All right?
Jan: Hello
Mod: There you are. How are you?
Timo: Very well, very well.
Mod: Very well? I'm switching the camera off…
Jan: And you?
Mod: Yeah, convalesced. I just told it. I'm able to walk again.
Linke: Yeah, I just look "Desingerama" [Note: german show], and you was a bit… smashed.
Mod: Of-colour.
Linke: Of-colour
Timo: But what happened?
Jan: What did you do?
Mod: The last time. The very last time I will tell this story.
Timo: Ok.

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Fränkis - Frankys Petrol Station/Translation

7. října 2008 v 21:56 | petush


Franky: If u asked yourself, where do the today - musicians earn their money, I started my own petrol station half a year ago - Fränkis. If u went there, we have the best coffee & breadrolls and from the day I've learned to know T:mo, we also have some vegetarian food in the menu. It is really beautiful here, I also have a small house near here, where I live with my family. Yes, Fränkis, maybe we'll play a concert somewhere here, it is very nice here. And we also have the best diesel so far.
T:mo: Yes, I have to agree. And stuff, which is really .. really ..
Franky: Dolores
T:mo: Dolores.
Franky: Dolores, it's nice to have you.
T:mo: But u could also have some vegetarian sausages here.
Franky: Oh yes, T:mo always has the best ideas. And in meantime, the worldmark Fränkis will also be in your town!

(c) by ; petush

Interview with Jan [] translation

26. září 2008 v 22:44 | SekSonka
Hello Jan!
Are you religious, do you believe in god?
Nope. I used to, but not anymore.
Are you scared of spiders, Snakes or other animals?
No, not really.
How old were you when you had your first tattoo done? And why this design?
That was the fish. Well first of all because my starsign is Pisces, logical. How old was I? I think I was about 18.
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Interview with David - IFA [29.8.08]

10. září 2008 v 19:20 | petush

"How do you spend your time before a performance? Are you really nervous?"
No I'm not nervous. I used to be nervous, but I've overcome the stage- fright and I occupy myself with other important stuff, for example food".
How long have you been playing the guitar?
I've played since….hmmmm? Don't really know. I don't know how long. It was a smooth transition, one day I just grabbed a guitar and started to play. But I never had much tuition, and that's why I'm not sure. I think about seven years.
For which band would you like to be a support act?
If we ever could be a support act, for the 'Toten Hosen', then I would be very happy.
How often are you on your MySpace and on the Panik forum?
I'm almost daily on my MySpace profile, and check for messages and so. I can't always answer them, but I give my best. And on the forum, unfortunately not that often, because I mostly just don't have the time for it.
Do you all live together in shared accomodation?
No, we don't live together in shared accomodation. But we have a house together in Hamburg, that we use for rehearsals and pre-production.
If you would write a book, about you or Panik, what would the title be?
That would probably have the title…..errrm…..' A book about me and Panik'.
Have you ever had a dream that became reality?
I definitely had a déjà vu experience, but not dreaming something and that then becoming reality.
What kind of music do you not like?
That's what you can hear here. I find that incredibly unattractive. I mainly don't like electronic music. Everything that's somehow natural I think is quite cool.
What do you think about having mainly female fans? Would you like to have more male fans?
I think it's pretty wonderful that we have so many female fans, because I really like female fans. But if we would have more male fans, then I would be just as happy.
Could imagine to advertise certain organisations such as PETA?
Yes definitely. We support PETA and Greenpeace, and if I could do anything for them, I would.
What's your favourite beer?
I don't drink beer, I don't drink alcohol.
How old were you when you wrote "Ce Pia Ali"?
19, I was 19 when I wrote "Ce Pia Ali".
Can you get the sheet music for "Ce Pia Ali" somewhere?
No you can't, but on the next album there will be something similar happening to this piece, so that it's definitely going to be used again. Just slightly, something similar at least.
Are you able to cook? If yes, what's your favourite dish?
I'm able to cook a little, but by far not as good as Frank. That's why I rather have him cooking something for me, I can do the standard stuff, but that's about it.
Who would you like to be in your next life?
Preferably something that involves music, because that's basically my life…..but maybe…..definitely something that involves music.
What do you always take with you?
My necklace.
In some other countries, pupils are not allowed to dress like an Emo, Rocker, Goth, etc. What do youthink about that?
That's a pretty tough question, I only know about England with the school uniforms for example, and I don't really think it's wrong, but I don't think it's wrong either that everyone can wear what they want in Germany. But I think you should just accept one another no matter what they look like.
What's your view on violence? Would you be able to beat someone up?
Yeah sure, if someone would kidnap my child, and I could find out where he hides it, then I would beat him up, yes.
How long do you need to style yourself?
About eight seconds. "Let's see" Finished!
Do you believe in mystical things?
Yes, I do.
What does it feel like if fans from other countries come to see you at your concerts?
Wonderful. I think it's incredible that someone from Madrid is standing in front of the house to get an autograph, that's incredible. And I don't really know how to say thank you for that, that someone travels so far just to see one of our concerts.
Which word or sentence do you mainly use?
To be honest.
What are your favourite names?
One favourite name is, Andrea. And that's one of my favourite names, because you can use it for males and females. We have a waiter in our favourite restaurant and he's called Andrea.
What do you mainly do on the tourbus?
Sleep. Because I'm mainly on the tourbus after the show, to sleep. When we arrive I get up and get in, that means mainly to sleep.
for the translaton thanks to Angel Wings!

Viva ft. "I´m a Fan"- PK parts

7. července 2008 v 17:27 | petush

I only translated the parts, where Panik are talking (. So enjoy it!

T:mo: That energy is always unbelievable. It´s one big party and it´s great that we may be part of it!
T:mo: It´s a great feeling for us,when we come to France, Czech Rep. and Moscow, there are people standing there waiting for us and singing our lyrics.
Linke: If the transparents are funny, we remember them. Like: "T:mo, f*ck me through the Revolution" .. sometimes theyare like .. okaaaaay..
T:mo: We´ve had a performance here in Germany and one fan came to us and said, she was from France. And that happens everywhere. If someone travels from country to countryto see our concerts,that´s a great real fan!
Franky: They say: " My parents got really mad at me, because I hadto skip school because of the concert.. but it´s all right, because I was here .. it´s worth it!" And I always have this strangefeeling .. is this really a need?!
T:mo: I´ve lost two of my best friends because I am fan of this one group. Sometimes u really have to think about who is ur real friend andwho not.
Franky: It´s about these small girls, I understand them a bit but .. they are like .. "Oh, he sent an email! Oh, I still have a chance by him!" We shouldn´t really read these emails..
Linke: A lot of Fans don´t understand , that we have our own private sphere.. or wu want to have it.. and sometimes I think: "Oh, fuck u!"
T:mo: It´s on every concertlike that - the fans are the most important thing!
T:mo: We couldn´t do this what we do without the fans! And .. we wouldn´t even exist without our fans!
© ; translated by Petush

BRAVO TV interview translation

28. května 2008 v 13:59 | petush
1. How would you appeal to a girl?

Franky: Well, just go and ask... or not? I have nothing to loose.
David: Right
Franky: Being nice, being friendly, being true and then nothing can go wrong

2. If you got a nasty removal [break-up] with a girl - how would you react?

David: Well, it's just the way it is. When s.o. doesn't want you, then he/she doesn't want you
Linke: ...(I can't understand it... the sound isn't good)
David: Right, you have to get over it and you have to accept that, I mean I don't want s.o. I manipulated... or so

3. The first date: What does not go at all?

David: Juri tell us..
//Everyone is laughing\\
Juri: What does not go at all? Nothing goes not at all, that's what I'd say
David: True... it isn't bad
Juri: and... I would... come to the point
Camera man: Hand on the microphone
Linke: Well... what else to say? The first date well in every way you should be honest and you should not tell stupid stuff and you end up in telling bullshit I can't suggest that.

4. Has what happened to you with a date already totally embarrassing?

Franky: Once I was having a drink in a coffebar, stood up and knocked over the bar stool, which then fell down the stairs... about 3 or 4 meters and suddenly we were taking center stage of the cafe. This might've been the most embaressing moment in my whole life.
Timo: Joah
Franky: that I had with a girl... normally I don't...
Timo: I've already seen you naked.. that should embarres you
Franky: You mean when we have a sauna... Jan was with us, but with the mask
Timo: But...but... it wasn't that awkward
Franky: Oh... right....

5. The first date ran really [good] - how far would you go in the first evening?

Timo: When it's really going well... you know the answer... if it's going really well then you aready know the answer
David: Then it's going really well
Timo: Then...
Franky: Then you bring her home...
Timo: Then it's going damn well... yes

6. Is it more difficult or to get to know lighter a girl, the more known you become?

David: Nor... You still have the same stoppages you had before, I mean why? I don't think out there are like thounsand others I have nothing to loose. When you stand in front of a girl you like, you do have the same prikle in the belly you normally have... in my case
Timo: Ey... so we come back to the first question, to the fidelity, it became a bit more difficult, when you meet a girl you can't asses whether it's true what she says or meansm there you have to whatch out... or?
Franky: I think so too

7. Time accepted, your best friends cannot suffer your friend - what do you do?

Franky: Then I keep my best friends... you can..
David: Well... that's the same, I wanted to say. Timo and I have had those situations quite often and ahm... Timo didn't leave his girl at that time and struggled with her for one year. With me it was the same an in the end be realised that we sould've listen to each others. Thats why we do it at all times by now.

8. Do you believe in love at first sight?

Timo: So I do believe in it, I think it happens
Franky: Yes
David: Precisly in my case.
Timo: Precisly David.
Franky: With you two or what?
David+Timo: Yes
David: With us
Timo: In our case it was in the kindergarden, we saw each others an it was... on the spur of the moment real....
Franky: Friendship on first sight
David: Since that day we're having a shower together every day
Franky: Beep

9. How must your woman of dreams be? Do you have there optical choice criteria? And how should she be on it?

Franky: I think we all see it a little bit differen. I think the personality is quite important. I know it's always this blether but... When a woman is beautiful and the acts like the biggest... I don't know then the outer apperance losses it's worth really fast and many women become more beautiful when they comport the right way.
Timo: When the comport right?
Frank: No...NO I didn't mean it that way, dude... oh damn... I just mean the look rises and falls with the personality
Timo: I love Angelina Jolie and David loves asian girls... so go get him

10. If you had to decide on a prominent Girl - which star might it be then?

Timo: Bayonce is here today, too?... Beyoncé...shit
Franky: Bayonce, well Bayonce greets of Nevada Tan... Do you want to salute her once more?
Timo: Well... yes... hello
David: Well... what?
Franky: Do you guys say something? Linke?
Linke: Ahm... basically I don't know anyone else at the moment... I don't know
Franky: Mainly blonde.
Linke: Right... mainly blonde. NO I don't day that on BravoTV. NO I don't remember anyone else...
Franky: Good.

11. Could you present yourselves to renounce for the love the music career? [Could you renounce to music for love?]

Franky: No
David: Music was my first love.
Timo: Well we fell in love with the music and you can say it's our girlfriend that goes with us for a lifelime and that's why we'd never give it up.


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