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India Blog #16 [EN]

6. března 2011 v 15:09 | posted by P.2K
Now, after 22 days, got to know many new people and made friends, after a surprisingly cheap, often very high-quality food, on which a person has to get used to (but when he becomes friends with it, is the food much fun!), high temperature, flu, cought, many temples and huge wisdoms and experiences of missionaries, who travel across the land, and believe in more than one religion of various spiritual backgrounds - I could nominate an endless list of things, that fascinated me and at the same time had an impact on me - and finally I have to say, that I enjoyed my staying in South India very much.

India Blog #15 [EN]

27. února 2011 v 11:19 | posted by P.2K
We're back in Magalibalipuram. The last days of our road trip consisted of the typical sightseeing and we were driving by more than 25°C from palaces build by kings, to temples made to worship gods, to statues of gods, to graves of incarnations of gods. But other than the impression from highly developed stone-roughing industry and a very deep religiosity of people, there wasn't much from it in us left because of the short period of time we had and our low knowledge. Sometime the temple looked like the one before, the next Krishna like the one before and the next postcard - seller and flute - seller and the beggar in front of tourist attraction looked same as everywhere.

India Blog #14 [EN]

17. února 2011 v 13:55 | posted by P.2K
6 o'clock, we're still traveling. We're on the road from 8:30 this morning. The broken streets are nothing special, I am tortured by hunger, which is nothing compared to huge holes in the road like after a war or something. Our fellow-travelers decided to have some kind of snack from time to time on the side of the road, but I don't trust the street sellers, so I decide not to eat anything until we arrive to the hotel.

India Blog #13 [EN]

14. února 2011 v 14:01 | posted by P.2K

From our jungle camp we went to Katnataka, the neighbor state of Tamil Nandus. Our destination is Mysore, the million city with a well-known palace, which we wanted to visit. Our driver explains after crossing the borders that you have to respect the traffic rules here. He puts his seatbelt on and every time he uses his cell phone, he stops at the side of the road. We're driving through banana and cocoa plantations and we think it's much cleaner here, the sides of the roads are almost without trash. Anyways, the villages and cities
which we drive through are the same as always.

India Blog #12 [EN]

12. února 2011 v 14:26 | posted by P.2K
The alarm wakes us up at 5:30. It's still dark outside. Today we want to be part of a tour through the jungle. After approximately 5km we meet our two leaders. There has to be two of them, after an accident happened, when an Elephant treaded down a French woman with her son. The jungle, on this place some kind of a steppe is full of sounds of waking animals and also loudly playing Indian pop music, which echoes from the slopes around the hollow basin.

India Blog #11 [EN]

12. února 2011 v 14:18 | posted by P.2K
Today, the tour should continue another 100km. But we're planning to do it in 8 hours. Before it beings, we want to try to get apples and maybe some croissants. The hotel is in the middle of the town and I don't have words to describe the traffic, noise and chaos. It's 9:30, the sun is shining and the heavy air from all the gas is cca 25°C. On our side of the street is between the street and it's road-site is a canal, in the side lanes are being sold melons, used children's shoes, and roasted chilis? and the co. On the other side of the street are all sorts of shops next to each other, each maybe 4m wide, if it's a teashop, a shop with cell phones, candy or jewelry. Yesterday we were in a pharmacy-shop (I am not saying drug-store on purpose, because it wasn't one - it was someone in possession of medicine, selling it) to buy something for the coughing. First, he had to dust off the dust from the bottle. It was supposed to be kept in dark and in a room with under 25°C.
Both was neglected. We were worried, but the hard coughing I got in-between needed to go away. What we were looking for in the morning we didn't find, so we went back to the car.

India blog #10 [EN]

10. února 2011 v 20:57 | posted by SekSonka
Our GPS us showing us, that our average speed is 42km/h. That means that we need 12 hours to get to our destination, which is 480 km away. There is seven of us in Toyota Innova, some kind of VW Sharan from Japan, which means that there are minimal three of us on one bench. Somehow it works. We, the driver, Klaus, Jan, David and me, and also Santosch and Aschat, a really quiet boy from a dysfunctional family, whom Klaus wants to help to have look-outs in the future.
David was feeling quite well in the morning, but now after the typical Indian breakfast, when we always dream about fresh pastries with butter, Nutella and a hard-boiled egg as we travel longer, he is weaker and weaker. He has heavy coughing spasms. The driver Sanjey, at the same time the travel leader, always stops to show us some landmarks, or to drink tea in a street cafe. One stop is the snake temple, where the white ants are building an ant-hill for centuries. They are food for some kinds of snakes. That is the reason why there are many small holes all around the temple, so the snakes can go inside and out all the time. Right next to the temple is a tree with leaves, which exude healthy aromas, which are mostly good for newborns. That's why the new mothers run around the tree with their babies and cradle them in their scarf's, when they hang those on one of the tree sprays.

India Blog #09 [EN]

8. února 2011 v 18:41 | posted by P.2K
David is not feeling well at all. He isn't able to speak, he has high temperature and he still coughs. We cancelled the hindu-wedding this morning form our what-to-do. I take him to his tea and toast in the roof-restaurant, so he wouldn't take his antibiotics on empty stomach. He feels even worse after that and goes back to bed.
The electricity, which is normally switched off from 7:00 to 9:00 o'clock isn't working the whole day in the whole city. Supposedly it's because of some construction work on the electric lines. Some bigger stores have their own generators for their refrigerators & cash registers. To take some money out of the band, Santosch takes me to a bank on a motorcycle, which is like 15km away and in the middle of nowhere. Two guards with machineguns look at us and let us go into a small room. I read a small paper glued on the AMT, where is handwritten, that the maximal withdrawal of 4000Rs (cca 65€). I stick the card in and it asks me about the language. Unfortunately, the answering symbols on the screen don't match the buttons on the side, so I choose the wrong language. By the next answer, I don't understand a word and I wait for too long, so the AMT sticks my card out again. I stick it in again and this time I choose the right language. It wants my pin from me and makes me choose between "Continue" and "Cancel". I choose "Continue", but the program breaks down again by telling me there has been a mistake. I can see through the door, that the guards look at me and then at themselves. I stick the card in one more time and give in my pin before I choose anything. There is 8 new choices again from changing the pin to ground a depot. I don't understand a word and I want to choose the most obvious choice, but the AMT breaks down again, I was too slow. One of the guards knocks and looks at me. I just show him thumbs up and smile like I'm tortured. So again, am I sweating? This time it works and the ATM gives me my money. I leave the room and I bump into a guard hugging his gun and he asks me, if I am alright and if I got my money. I confirm, wish him a good day and I am glad to be out of there again.

India blog #08 [EN]

7. února 2011 v 12:57 | posted by SekSonka
David still feels really weak. He spent his birthday in the bed. I've found a pharmacy and I got some pills, something like antibiotics, besides that also some apples and apple juice from the grocery store, something that David really misses, just like Yoghurt, bread and cheese. But I couldn't find those things.
At morning visited Klaus Sanjey, our driver for the tour to Hampi. He explains us his plans for us and describes us all the various stops, we want to visit. Hotel room, tickets, permits - he manages all of that.

India Blog #07 [EN]

7. února 2011 v 12:19 | posted by P.2K
Today we went to a school for the kids of the "Untouchable", one of the lowest castes in the official Indian castes-list, which does not exist anymore. This school was established by Lady Mallavizhi a few years ago. Before that, she already established a school for kids from the middle class about 12 km further, where the parents can afford to pay school fees.

India blog #06 [EN]

6. února 2011 v 21:11 | posted by SekSonka
It caught us, we're feeling exhausted, we have really bad headache and I even have fever. Gopi woke us up at 6:00 AM to take us to yoga, but unfortunately I had to cancel. Klaus, who is fighting cough told us that there is cold outbreak in this area. We stayed in our room the whole day. Later Gopi takes care of me, massages my temples, he got us some medicine and stays with us.

India Blog #05 [EN]

6. února 2011 v 15:25 | posted by P.2K
I'm feeling better, David is not. He has fever, but other than that he has sore throat and he coughs. We're accommodated with Klaus at eight o'clock, some driver is going to take us to Auroville. We want to take part in the meditation in the temple and pick up Jan, Klaus' son-in-law. Unfortunately, we arrive a bit after 9 o'clock, which means we're too late for the ceremony, which we didn't give a higher purpose at first.

India Blog #04 [EN]

2. února 2011 v 21:56 | posted by SekSonka
Friends picked us up at the airport in Chennai and the first thing we learned was, that the traffic rules, traffic lights, speed limits and similar regulating rules of everyday don't match the Indian mentality. They really brake only when there's a great canal-pipe sticking out of the road, which can break every axle, or because of cows. Also many only halfway done streets, buildings, apartments and bounders were noticeable, they made an impression, that the construction workers still didn't come back from their lunch breaks. Our 50 minute drive to the destination was equal to a Roller Coaster Tycoon Simulation.

India Blog #03 [EN]

2. února 2011 v 15:47 | posted by P.2K
After a 17 hour journey (10 hours 30 minutes in planes) we arrived to our destination Mahabalipuram. I'll try to summarize everything that has happened till now with a couple of pictures and my commentary.

India Blog #02 [EN]

31. ledna 2011 v 21:01 | posted by P.2K
This night at 4:45 we want to leave for the airport in Hamburg - pretty early .. That's why I chose to go to bed at 21/22 o'clock, so I can at least get some peace before flying to Chennai with Jet Airways.
To be honest, I'm not really prepared for such a rapid temperature change. I think that my body will understand it when we get there. Fortunately, we'll get to our destination at night, so there will be like 20°C
- pleasantly cool, I think :)
The next blog entry will be posted from 10.000 km away :)

India Blog #01 [EN]

31. ledna 2011 v 10:39 | posted by P.2K
"Well finally!", said one of my friends, when I told her, that it all starts the next Tuesday. It is pretty interesting to observe, how an uncertain wish can change into a concrete trip after changing the wallpapers, conducted by the inside anxiety and the worries to miss something.

How like already often in my life I see, how much the destiny? or the Universe? Help change a simple thought into an act. The thought was called travelling. But to where? And with whom? Alone? Why not? Suddenly, I started meeting all these people, who traveled the world with a backpack, who Work and Travel for one or two years right after finishing school, they studied in a foreign land, or worked after school in a foreign land. I felt kind of benighted. But where should I go to? And when?

The first footsteps were called vaccination. When the doctor asked me, where I wanted to travel, because it was important for the right kind of vaccine, I told her to Asia or maybe South America. This speech was only enough for a Hepatitis-injection. My friends were planning to travel in a VW-bus through South America for two years (, I thought it was pretty good, but since I can barely speak Spanish, I thought about it some more. One of my friends had Indian friends, whom he visited from time to time and this winter he went there too. That was it. The ideal beginning for discovering the world outside of Neumünster. So it should be India. So we booked a flight in the beginning of September.

And it should all start tomorrow. Temperatures about 30° are awaiting us. What should we take with us? Fist, I bought a huge suitcase. The Indian friend told me right after that, that I should please choose a travel bag instead, because there's a possibility that it wouldn't fit into the trunk of our Indian car. So again to get the travel bag and now I realize, that this one is big too. Clothes for one week, Anti-Brumm, pills for diarrhea and sunscreen aren't filling up a lot of space. Do I need an iron? Not really.

I console myself with the thought of buying a lot in India. The bag will then have her point. I am looking forward to the sun and warmth, even thought winter has its pretty sides too.
Einfelder See im Winter

How do I prepare for a trip to India? 4 weeks without European standards? Honestly, I barely know what we can expect :-) The two of us, my father and I, will travel to Mahabalipuram to meet a friend - I know that.

I've packed some Aspirin, a few bottles of Anti-Mosquito spray (with a very fitting name "Anti-Brumm!"), Oralpädon and some other small pills, and I feel well equipped for every situation :-)
Next I've provided myself a hat, as it can get very hot round Madras in February, especially for a Central-/North European :-) With 95% humidity, one will most likely really feel the 30 degrees. Actually, I could have had my hair cut..
I'm still packing my suitcase - a couple of bright T-shirts, 2 shorts, underwear, 1 pair of sandals (I'm wearing my sneakers right now), some biscuits as a snack, 1 towel (you never know?!),
my culture-pack. We've decided to rather do the washing more often, than carrying clothes for 24 days with us. Since we're going to travel a lot, we need no extra unnecessary baggage.
By all means, my backpack will accompany me all the time, filled with all my trifles - headphones, camera, bottle of water, and of course a GPS.

 I'll do some last shopping tomorrow, to get things I'm still lacking - who knows, what will come to my mind spontaneously while I'm in ALDI :-D
 Everything's clear.. let's do it!