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LaFee about working with Timo & David

14. června 2011 v 12:57 | posted by P.2K

With her new song "Ich bin", LaFee celebrated her comeback at "The Dome", now she's promoting her new singel and she stopped by And so we played our little game with you, we read two things to her and she had to choose one.

Surprising: It looks like LaFee doesn't like castingshows. She doesn't like DSDS or X-Factor and she doesn't know anything about Pietro Lombardi or Basti Wurth. But the choice between "Panik, or Tokio Hotel" was really easy: She wrote her single "Ich bin" together with David & Timo.

Timo & David helped you with your new single, or?
LaFee: Yes, and that's why I chose them.

How come?
LaFee: We did everything together, composed together the songs, wrote them together and these two from Panik were there.

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Local Heroes finals Schleswig Holstein (09.10.2004)

14. dubna 2010 v 18:29 | posted by P.2K

""No Thing will be a big competition for the others!" With these final words Dieter Herker, the co-worker for Local Heroes left. The finals for Schleswig Holstein were very exciting for all the musicians and for the public. 5 bands were forthcoming, but only four have played, because "Ai Muro" couldn't come because of "personal reasons". As first, "Melted Ego" from Breklum played with their nice, overtime melodic rock. Melf Hartwig was surely the best woman singer in this competition. Really young band "Panik" from Neumünster surprised us with their creative modern sound. If the band will continue to work on their music, we'll surely hear about them in a short while.  Also from Neumünster, the band "Funny Love Painful" offered us atomic Independent Rock. As fourth, the band "No Thing" from Itzehoe played. With their melodic and pushy skate-punk they convinced the audience very quickly. After the show, the jury went backstage to agee on the results. Not as competition, the band "Hysterie 21" from Lübeck played during the pause with a very energic and tough set, mostly from their last album "Mach den Scheiß lauter". The jury (Tomas Lötzsch, singer from "Illegal 2001", songwriter Steve Brockmann and the hosts from radio Delta, "Melle" and "Kaos Kaya") didn't have it easy, because all of the band from the evening were good. After the audience voted, the results were clear and Cappy Calzone, who hosted the whole evening announced "NO*THING" as the winner, so they will be going to the national finals in Salzwedel.

Panik - silent goodbye

2. ledna 2010 v 18:56 | posted by SekSonka

What is that? The band said goodbye silently and secretly and let know only a few people about them breaking up. Is it a complete break up or just leaving of some members?

How is it going to continue?
The band announced their break up silently in November. That means, the tour last week was their last one! The fans are shocked, they can't believe it. The announcement was so unexpected. The band became popular in 2007 under the name Nevada Tan, which they had to give up because of arguments with their management and now the announced their end!

The band explained it: Until now it was a hard and exhausting way and a part of the band doesn't have the strength to do it anymore. It hurts, but we have to understand it and accept it. In our business there is simply just too much politics; sometimes you can't do just what you want. Simply, we just didn't allow us to become music hookers. But that's how it is, when you have the attitude that we have, you can't really prevent some basics from breaking.

What does all of this means and if Panik will continue in different set-up is still not clear. Hard times for the band and their fans.

StarSchuh: Franky von Panik

30. prosince 2009 v 15:28 | posted by SekSonka
Translated by SekSonka || (c)

The video translation will be posted later today.

The only shoes which Franky will put on are Nike Airs. He made it quite clear in our video-interview for

We asked the boys: "Which one from y'all would like to co-operate with on our shoes-blog?" The answer was immediate: "That's like made for Franky", responded Linke, David, Timo, Jan & Juri.
And really: When Franky talks about his shoes, he is absolutely in his element. "Nike Air Jordan" are his favorites. Franky goes as far as claiming that they do good for the streets. Of course, his Nike Airs are being regulary cleaned.

So feiern die Stars - This is how the stars celebrate

30. prosince 2009 v 3:01 | posted by SekSonka
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Panik & Sarah Kreuz were telling how they spend New Year's Eve and what did they experienced in last couple of years. Very funny: The opinions could be different.

We've met Sarah Kreuz and Panik and asked: How do you actually celebebrate New Year's? While Franky, David, Timo, Linke, Juri and Jan were telling us stories about half-dangerous fireworks, trips to London and Amsterdam and fun parties; DSDS-Sarah was mostly mentioning family gatherings with coctails. "Everything is allowed" is Sarah's motto.

But for Panik will 31.12.09 be a little bittersweet. In September they released their last album, which wasn't sold a lot of times. The consequences: The band is breaking up. In December the boys had their last tour. Now the Panik is not going to be here ever again.

The last time: Panik live in Frankfurt

20. prosince 2009 v 21:45 | posted by SekSonka
originally written by Susann Heinrich

Only a few months ago (September 2009) Panik came out with their new album and their new name, or their even older name. And now these six guys are on their goodbye tour. We had a unique opportunity to enjoy them in Frankfurt before their very last concert in Hamburg.

Now Panik is popular!

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|| (c) // translated by SekSonka

Their fans had to wait almost one year for any sings of life of Panik, but now these six guys from Neumunster are back - and stronger than ever before!

Panik disvoered also the bad sides of show business during the last years. Their ex-managers tried to acquire all rights for the songs. Then it came to a turning point and guys left their name Nevada Tan behind themselves and returned to their older name - Panik.
Rich in experience they began to produce their new album under the old-new name Panik. And for their good style and mixing rap and rock they were also praised by Linkin Park's frontman Mike Shinoda and Good Charlotte.
Maybe they'll be able to continue with their previous success. Nevertheless, they reached the Top 10 charts in Germany as Nevada Tan with their album "Niemand Hort Dich" and in Russia they were awarded by gold. The new album (25.09.09), which they produced on their own, is more mature because Panik aren't just teenagers anymore. Except from streetsingle "Jeder", Bundesvision Song Contest Hit "Was Wurdest Du Tun" and new single "Lass Mich Fallen" there are other 10 songs on the new album. Their songs are about childhood and youth without any problems, sometimes maybe even accusing. The main idea of the album is, that everyone can get up again, when he fell on the ground.

Panik - Rap/Rock Sensation from Germany

27. srpna 2009 v 1:01 | posted by SekSonka
(c) // translated by SekSonka
source (+german original) : vertigo

Sorry for mistakes, I'm really tired :)

20.09.2009 "Panik - Music : Killing rock/rap from Germany" says Mike Shinoda. "I don't what their lyrics are about but the final result is pretty good" It's a great honor that appeared in the end of 2008 on the Linkin Park frontman's blog.
But that's not all: Shinoda invited these six boys to small group of selected bands called "Mike Shinoda's feat. Artis" and one week later Panik reached the top of the chart thanks to more than 11.000 votes.
"We're very glad, because finally something's good after the trial!" Says David Bonk - the guitarist and the band's producer.
There is a lot of things that happened to these boys during last 2 years. Top 10 album, which was sold more than 100.000 times and lasted in charts for 26 weeks; 2 Echo nominations in categories: "Best national Rock/Alternative artist" and "Best national newcomer". Very successful singles "Revolution", "Vorbei" and "Neustart" weren't popular only in Germany but in lots of European metropolis like Paris, Vienna, Prague or Moscow. Their concerts have been sold; their songs are played in TV and radio. There are a lot of fanclubs around the whole Europe followed by mega-concerts in front of ten thousands of fans in Byelorussia and China. Their debut album was awarded in Russia by golden award.
But from the beginning they were pushed into direction they didn't want to by their ex-management. Also they tried to get the right to own the songs. After more precise reading the contract is the band going to court. They left their name for their ex-management and named themselves as Panik. The trial has lasted for 1 and a half year. Private pictures and videos of these six guys are going around the internet. Finally, in March 2009 is everything in the end. Set free from that show business crazyness they finally release their self-produced album. "We're glad that we can do what we want to do!" Says Juri. But how did they come to making music?
The beginning of the story was many years ago. David and Timo got to know each other as they were 4-years-old in kindergarten and as they were 6-years-old they started to take piano lessons together. "David was learning from 6th book and played piano and guitar but I was still on the first two pages from the 1st book. We both couldn't sing and so our music style was developed from some kind of emergency." Laughs Timo. And that's how their style was born in times when David and Timo were listening to bands like Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Dynamite Deluxe. Sometimes they got a drummer and they produced their first private albums in 2002 and 2004 ("Grau" and "Positiv") - lyrics only in german. In 2004 DJ Jan joined them. In 2006 the drummer was changed and since then they are working like Timo, David, Franky, Jan, Linke a Juri. "We feel like we are releasing our debut album. Panik has always been our little baby. It's different and a good feeling!" Says Timo. The first single is "Lass mich fallen" and was produced by David.
Panik give us fresh Crossover Mix with their new album. And not only Mike Shinoda supports them. They are given a lot of support from the music scene: Sebanstian Lange (In Extremo) says: "One of the most faithful live-bands from Germany." Attention of both Maddens brothers from Good Charlotte was drawn to them by Mike Shinoda's blog and freshly Panik are provided with brand DCMA. So good luck!

Panik are back! - translation

25. srpna 2009 v 2:28 | posted by P.2K
Boys from Panik know the dark side of showbusiness, they had a conflict with their ex-managers in the court. They didn't get lost and now they are back! With the original name and self-produced album.
Panik - Lass mich fallen

Drummer Juri : "We developed more, musical and as people. We are glad that we can do what we can and want - our music!"

And here's the musicvideo to their streetsingle: Panik - Jeder

Rapper Timo : "We feel like this is going to be our debut album. Panik is our baby, it always was. It's a good & different feeling!"

And we can hear that! New album "Panik" (availale Sept. 25 in stores) has more varieties than "NevadaTan" - Album. But don't Pani(k)c, they are still singing in german!

Translation by P.2K // (c)

Article about Panik -

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(c) // translated by SekSonka

Since today is Gamescom 2009 opened for all the visitors and also our Gameswelt-Stage is starting. Except from our rich programme you can also watch games like Venetica, EVE Online and Drakensang: Am Fluss der Zeit.
On Saturday, 22 August 09 on 5PM at Freigeländ, Standnummer A014 there is another higlight for you: Rockband Panik will rock the crowds on our stage. This band was estimated in 2002 and was known under the name Nevada Tan. In 2007 reached their album "Niemand hort dich" 8th place in the german album chart and in Russia they were awarded Golden Record.
A lot of live performances followed, for example the Dome 41 or in 2008 performance by "Bundesvision Song Contest" were they win 6th place for "Schleswig-Holstein". At the beginning of 2008 they changed their name to Panik and now they are ready to rock the crowds and make signing sessions.


"Chat mit Franky" - ZDFtivi Chat [7.2.09] // translation #2

15. února 2009 v 17:13 | posted by P.2K

Mayla: How long do you stay at one place, when you are on tour?
FRANKY: When we are on tour, we stay like about one day in one city.
Emma911: Where can I buy Joshis CD?
FRANKY: It's not sure now , in which stores you'll be able to buy it.
Jojo44: What kind of books do you read?
FRANKY: I read a lot of music-biographies, but also other kinds of books.
Ewa: Are you in good mood today?
FRANKY: FRANKY: Yes, I am in a great mood!
Dodomir3: In which other countries are you popular?
FRANKY: We were allready in France, Italy, Austria, Sweden, Russia, Czech republic and Belorussia
Akua: Oh, isn't it you, who was with Joshi & Julian on "Dein Song"! Was it cool?
FRANKY: Yes, it was really cool!
Spider-Man: Do you have a lot of work?
FRANKY: Yes, we are under a lot of pressure and stress now, we are preparing the second album.
Mayla: How successful is your CD in Germany?
FRANKY: We've sold about 100000 Cds and we were in the Top10 for a few weeks.
tivi-Mathias: When is the CD going to be released?
FRANKY: Cca in the middle of April.
Jojo44: Are you the real Franky?
FRANKY: Yes I am!
Alina1998: How does it feel, to be a star?
FRANKY: I don't realize much that I am a star. People recognize me in public and it can be cool, but sometimes it isn't.
Murmel: What was your biggest concert?
FRANKY: It was on "Schau Nicht Weg"
Alina1998: FRANKY!
FRANKY: Yes, Alina?
Alina1998: Do you have your own house?
FRANKY: No I do not. Maybe later, I am working on it.
Alina1998: So you live with your parents?
FRANKY: No , I live alone in one flat in Hamburg.
Selli28: Did you produce Joshuas Song "Stubenrocker"?
FRANKY: Yes, it was us! We produced with Joshi & Julian.
Lindina: Are you on tour a lot?
FRANKY: Yes. Last year 2 times.
Trunks2: Did you have a clip on MTV?
FRANKY: Our clips are mostly on VIVA, but we were also on MTV to seen.
Trunks2: Your favourite serial?
FRANKY: King of queens.
Mississippi2: Hi, "Dein Song" was cool!
FRANKY: Thanks :) I am glad you liked it, I think it was cool too.
L-jot: What music do you listen to?
FRANKY: At this time the new album of "Snow Patrol" and Katy Perry

by P.2K

"Chat mit Franky" - ZDFtivi Chat [7.2.09] // translation #1

15. února 2009 v 0:14 | posted by P.2K
This chat ist'n that interesting, I think none of the people knew Franky and that they barely knew who Panik was :D Well, maybe u'll laugh about it or it'll be driving u crazy just like me :D

Click on "celý článek" to read the translation x)

All about the "new" Nevada Tan.

25. listopadu 2008 v 11:58 | petush
I don't know if I should believe, or not. But if u have any questions after the reading of this, write them here -> HotLink;

To all Panik fans! Hamburg, 11/19/2008
Yesterday afternoon, we got a call from a Panik fan. After talking for almost an hour on the phone, we decided, as the fan wished for more clarity, to publish some parts of our conversation.
The fan's question was: "Why are you publishing a song under the name "Nevada Tan"? After all, this is the old band name of the current group "Panik", which got a re-cord deal and famous! Why are you doing this?"
The project "NEVADA TAN" is already founded in the Year 2005, shortly after what happened in Japan and a long time before J., L., F., etc joined this project. For us, the most important thing for Nevada Tan were the content, the message, and the music. That's why Nevada Tan! And as you probably know, Nevada Tan began as car-toon/manga figures, exactly how it is today again.
Not until November, 2005, on our hunt for a band for our Nevada Tan Project, we met the old "Panik" at a contest of the "Deutschen Rockmusikerverbandes" (German-Rock Musician-Association), where they already dropped out in the first round. Then we started recording our songs with studio musicians, in the studio and made a video to get J., F., J. etc. famous.
At the time when we produced our CD "Niemand hört dich", was for example J., not even in the band yet. Then you shouldn't say that you played drums on the record!
I don't want to say, that the guys cannot play their instruments, but the facts are, that they were not good enough to let them record their instruments for the CD (that you all know). Whoever does not believe this can read the credits in the CD booklet, and then google the names, who actually played those instruments. Find out the truth! It isn't even that special, that studio musicians play the instruments in studio recordings.
But you should be honest and stay with the truth! Don't you believe, that this is only fair towards the unknown studio musicians?
Those exact musicians also played the new single "The Game is Over". The title has absolutely nothing to do with Panik! Who ever listens to the lyrics, knows this. For Ne-vada Tan only the message counts, to show that the world is not as good as it could be, and that hatred, anger, and all the negative vibes should not determine our lives! Ex-actly you will have to govern this world at some point. We say: Start caring and acting! It is now the time, if you want to survive! But what about Nevada Tan? Nevada Tan is much older then the faces people associ-ate with when hearing the name. Think about it: What happens when the singers of the musical "The Lion King" quit/change (which occurs continuously)? Will the musical have an end then, too? No! It's still there!
This is how it is with Nevada Tan.
Another question was: "Why did Panik have to sleep on the ground of the studio?"
We all love this fairy tale. In summer 2006, L., D. and T. had the idea, to stay in Ham-burg rather than in their hometown Neumünster. D. and T. just quit/dropped out of school, and L. wanted to go to university in Lüneburg. There should have been no prob-lem for them to drive to the studio in Hamburg each morning, and back in the evening. L's dad, who worked at Globetrotter, drove this route every day so he could have taken them without a problem. But this wouldn't have been exciting enough, so they decided to sleep in the small 25 sq. m studio. M. and J. didn't want to join this, so they stayed in Neumünster. Eventually, we gave up and the result was, that the guys ripped all the sound insulations (large, white rubber foam mats) off the wall to sleep on them, and of course walk on them with their dirty shoes. You probably can imagine how our studio looked like after this. They could have gotten the idea, to borrow some camping mats from L's father, who worked at Globetrotter (camping store). But no, this wouldn't have been cool. Sleeping under the mixer, that is cooll! Their favorite saying was "Nur die Harten kommen in den Garten", which is a German saying and basically means, that only the tough will succeed. Our problems were, that we could not work in the studio anymore, and as we found out later, enormous tele-phone bills. Thanks a lot! After 14 days, we sent them back home. Enough is enough.
Here is another small story to point out the difference of the truth and the propaganda of the press: Still today, T. loves to tell that they only had whole grain bread and cheese (prison food) to eat. Sounds good, doesn't it? Very tough and masculine- arousing compassion. The truth is: We sent D. to buy food for dinner, since we always cooked for them. He got 30 Euros from us. When he got back he told us that the money was not enough and we ow him another 5 Euros. When I asked him why, he answered he bought for T. a pre-made salad, sushi and Evian water, because he does not like the regular food and does not drink cheap water. Oh, and not to forget: They drove J's BMW 320i to the grocery, because F's Mercedes Benz was parked too far away. That's how it was all the time.
There are plenty of more stories like these. We decided (I also told this to the honest Panik fan) not to wash dirty laundry in public, not to talk about this in public. We did not say one word about this until today, even after the words of Christian Linke at RTL tele-vision that we had bought flats and cars from the record label's money. What a non-sense. We paid the production of the CD with that money, and until today we have put more money in the "fame" of the band, than we got out of it. On the other side, we feel that the Panik fans have the right to hear both sides of the story.
Maybe it was all different? Maybe a lot is not true what you read and hear in the propa-ganda of the press? Maybe fans are fooled? When you read D's interviews skeptism should arouse: Today the band lives all together in a flat share, tomorrow in 2, and the day after tomorrow they live in Neumünster, and the day after the day after tomorrow in Neukölln. Don't the fans deserve the truth?
Nevada Tan was and is more than just a couple of faces and names. We don't make music for those names, don't we? Music is a different kind of language! It is not all said yet what Nevada Tan has to say! There are endless many reasons not to be silent. Ne-vada Tan has the right to say what they believe, even if good paid lawyers want to cen-sor those believes, prohibit the record, and lie to the countless fans.
We made those faces famous with an outstanding concept, a message, fabulous studio musicians, and great songs, and succeeded something, which they could have never done by themselves.
We sticked to our words.
We want to thank the Panik fan for her courage, her openness and for the talk. Search for the truth!
Other not mentioned aspects about the name Nevada Tan in the Bravo magazine:
The producers on the brand "Nevada Tan":
Lawyers are currently trying to forbid and stop Nevada Tan's new single. We are the founders of the concept and the brand "Nevada Tan", and by this the legitimate owners.
The term "Nevada Tan" has already been founded as a concept for a music project in summer 2005. Since then, it has been publicly presented, even thou there was no band behind Nevada Tan yet. We searched for the fitting persons to represent this project and tried out several sing-ers, drummers, and guitarists. At one point we met the band Panik (only partly the same constellation as the Panik from today) at a contest where they just dropped out.
We decided to invite them for a talk. At our talk, they agreed right away on giving up their name Panik and to perform as our project's name "Nevada Tan" as artists. This way they hoped to succeed their big breakthrough. As Nevada Tan, (with only some of the boys of the today's Panik) we shot videos and recorded songs with our studio musi-cians in the studio at our own expense.

About Linke's book

2. července 2008 v 10:52 | SekSonka


Five tribes will form huge force of army kingdom Arcalet and every kid has to be tested about its supernatural powers, so it can be submissioned to the academy for his abilities.
Recruit Varod didn´t belong to this system from the beginning. He had it very hard as a young men, to educate. he tries to show himself, that he has enough talent for these academys.
When he becomes a servant of the powerful Magier Siamel, he finds out about his real "mission".
Linke about this book; official geman forum:
I wanted to keep it as a secret, till the book comes out. :) I don´t like the contain very much .. its reading is very unteresting. ;)
It´s all very hard, to write the whole book (for about 100 sites) and to make it in some short passages interesting. For example Thomas Finn - I like his books, but the contain was a bit .. boring. "One small boy is the last wizard on earth, who can stop the great and powerful witch Morgoya;"
I don´t have much time in the moment, because we´re working very hard on our new album. But always when we´re in a train, or plane, in the time I should acctualy sleep, i write! :P
Some info about Thomas Finn under the perex [click on "celý článek"]