Interview with David (RU Panik FC)

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1. Which berries do you like?
David: All :D

2. What present did you get on your birthday from Timo?
David: A book.

3. Did you collect the toy-collections from Kinder Suprise?
David: Yes, Happy Hippos.

4. Do the studio versions of songs "Es kommt der Tag", "Gerico" and "Fuhlst du" exist?
David: Yes, they do. In my computere, here.

5. Could you imagine to adopt a child?
David: I don't know that.

6. Were you sick often as a child?
David: No.

7. Which Panik song is your favorite?
David: Ein neuer Tag.

8. What do you enjoy to do in your free time?
David: Now I'm trying to re-oriantate, to get out of internet's claws, because I spend there a lot of my time.

9. Which souvenire did you bring home from India?
David: A stone statue.

10. Did you serve your time in the army?
David: No, I was relieved.

11. Would you like to travel around the world in a submarine?
David: Noooo :)

Questions for David [from fans] - July '10

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1. What was for you as guitarist the most ineffective investment?
I don't know.. I would say Security Locks :-D

2. What motivates you into practicing piano?
Right now nothing.. Normally it's my teacher :-)

3. What do you think of Twilight Saga? Have you read the books, or seen the movie?
No, not for me.

4. Are you satisfied and happy with your life and what have you made of it?
Happy, but never satisfied :-)

5. Do you read fanfictions? What do you think about them?
No, I don't.

6. Have you ever seen a russian trickfilm?
No. :-D

7. Why did you fly to Lyon?
For vaccation.

8. Are you on your phone a lot? Whom do you call the most?
Yes, unfortunately, that's why I always have such expensive bills! (But not anymore since I've transferred to O2 :-D)

9. What's your favorite ice-cream?
I think right now it's Häagen Dazs

10. When will we see your concert in Hamburg?
Ask Timo :-)

11. Will you be online in your chat soon?
Oh, we're there very often. :-D

12. When you look back at your life, have you ever imagined it like it is now?
No :-) But I like it!

13. Whose sunglasses are you wearing in the Kyte video about great producers?
I don't know.. I just found them in studio :-)

14. Would like to move to Berlin to work there with Timo, or will you stay separated? Do you like Berlin?
Never Berlin!

15. Is there a song that really gets on your nerves?
Oh yes..

16. What movie do you write soundtrack right now for?
Right now it's 2 movies, one german and one french.

Questions for David [from fans] - June '10

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1. What do you think of Ondine by Ravel?
I'd have to be more informed - I don't know the song - but I guess it's good as everything by Ravel :-)

2. What do you think of band Unheilig and Evanescence?
Nothing for me.

3. If you could choose to live in an Irish castle, American mansion or a boat in Hamburg?
I think the mansion would be nice - or, no, the boat would be the best, but in America :-)

4. If you had fish, what names would you give them and why?
I do have fish. But there are too many.

5. What would you do if Dr. Cox would be your dad?
Oh god..

6. If you live in Springfield, would you rather play music with Lisa or laugh Nelson off?
Hahaha... laugh Nelson off.. :-D

7. Do you know that phrase "Something is rotten in the State of Denmark"?

8. Do you have a favorite Destination Anywhere song?
How you feel.

9. Will you go on tour?

Interview with Linke [June 2010]

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How's life in L.A? And what do you think about the climate?
- The climate is awesome, always great weather, and great musicians... I love it. :)

What's the worst/best with L.A/the U.S? And what makes it so different from Germany? (-Jess/Vewqa/Rania)
- The traffic is HORRIBLE. There is no public transport opportunities, and LA is just HUGE with very long distances... So basically, without a car, you are fucked. big time. And the food here is not really good, its like... European food, but always a really sweetened, unhealthy version of it. :)

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Questions for David [from fans] - May '10

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Do you believe in life after death?
For me death is just an event not the end of life. I believe that life is just never-ending process of changing.

Interview with Juri (Official French Forum)

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Interview made for the Official French Panik Forum
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How are you doing? How did you like the concert in Paris?
I am fine and I am doing many new stuff now. It was a very cool and energetic concert.

What do you still have in mind from the concert?
How passionate the fans are.

Did you like the presents from the fans?
Yes, I think they took a lot of work! Thanks!

Why did you decide to play with Piazu Manju? It's a music from rock to ska.
It's rock with ska influences. This music is very energetic. I saw them play live a couple of times before I joined the band - and they made me dance!

Interview with Linke (Official French Forum)

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Interview made for the Official French Panik Forum
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You've left Germany to permanently settle down in Los Angeles, can you tell us something about your decision and how you feel there?
I feel great here, the sun is shining all the time and I am happy. Actually, I have to admit, I don't miss home at all.

You are recording new sogs on Myspace, we can imagine you want to release a solo album in a short while. Do you have any idea yet that you'd like to realize?
Hmmmmm a bit. I wrote and recorded the songs by now because of my joy of music :D I didn't start collecting the songs for the album yet, for the start I would like to play some acoustic concerts in local bars in LA and I want to have the contact to local radios, which could play my songs. I like to be on the road and here are many pubs and sympathic places, where I'd be able to play. But it is sure that the solo album will be next, when the right time will come. I'll continue to record new songs on Myspace, Reverbnation and this kind of sites.

We are able to hear that yoaur songs are recorded in a good quality, did you record them in Los Angeles?
Yes, I started to work here with some really sympathic people and I recorded here a couple of songs. It's really different to work here, because the way of working, and recording and playing is so different. People don't care about the rules of one genre and stereotype, they just want to produce a good piece.

Questions for David [from fans] - April '10

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1. Do you not eat fish?

2. What languages can you speak?
German & english, and a bit of french.

Questions for David [from fans] - March '10

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1. Let's move back to the times when you released your second album. Would you do something differently marketing-wise?
The production company takes care of marketing, not the band.

David's Interview for Czech & Slovak Fans!

9. května 2010 v 22:32 | posted by P.2K
As most of you probably know, I tried to deal an interview in Paris with the whole band. Unfortunately, it wasn't possible because of time constraints, but David was so kind and gave us at least an online interview.
Dedicated to all Czech and Slovak fans! Enjoy and feel free to spread to the world :)
Natalie (Evey)

How are you today?
I'm fine thanks. In the few weeks I took a bit time for myself, to care about all the stuff I didn't pay attention to the last years.

Do you like chatting with fans? (kyte etc.)
Well, ja. Chatting with fans is nice, especcially to get a feedback on the stuff you're composing and doing. As an artist you are in your own world, sometimes don't even get information about what's going on in the world - so it's nice to get some feedback about the work, you are doing.

How do you celebrate Christmas as a vegetarian?
Strange question.. well.. as everyone else too - without meat. :)

How long have you been vegetarian?
2 1/2 years now.

And have you decided not to eat meat with Timo?
No, Timo was faster than me. He decided it about 1 year before I did.

Questions for David [from fans] - February '10

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Thanks a lot to all who remembered my birthday. Mel just gave me all the presents and I'm very happy!! :)

What do you like the most about Timo?
That he know me well enough to give other people suggestions for my birthday present.

Did you study a lot in school?

Do you like Valentine's day, did you give or get something?
It doesn't mean a lot to me

What do you think about movie "Year One"?
I don't know it :)

How did you celebrate carneval this year?
I didn't.

How did you celebrate carneval when you were a kid and what was your best outfit?
A vampire :)

Do you still keep in touch with ex-band members?

Do you read Bible sometimes, or do you even pray from time to time?
No. And sometimes.

How did you get to be "Aloha from Hell" producer?
Thanks to vitamine B

How do you like Switzerland?
Great. There are mountains.

Do you know what others are doing right now?

David's interview with Russian Fanclub - english

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How many hours a day do you spend on internet?
One hour

What do you usually do to get out of trouble?
Nothing - I face them :)

What does always make you laugh?

Do you visit some other internet forums?

You've been to Russia twice. What do you remember the most?
The bodyguards :D

Three things you can say "WOW!" about?
How fast can Russian bodyguards empty a hall.
How drunk people can talk fluently in English, even though their native language is German.
How some people can do xx km cross-country skiing and then they're able to shoot 4cm small target from such a distance!

Which band did you listen to last couple of days?
Not many… There wasn't a lot of good stuff released lately…

If the world turned upside down, what would happen first?
The people would be confused because the electricity would turn off.

What do you prefer to do during fall days: sit at home with a blanket and a cup of tea, or walk down the streets?
Both :)

What do you understand under the word "freedom"?
Good question, big answer - but not here, a whole book could be written about that. Words are actually just a small description of the meaning. Just like this. The world is small and I think that all the words that I know are too small to define freedom. It's like define math by numbers.

Do you like opera singing?
Yes and no. It depends when.

What's your opinion about people who take drugs? What feelings or experiences are you connecter to that word "drug" by?
Mhm.. Firstly no good memories or feelings. I don't have any experience with that, I don't know. But it's no good.

What do you like more - active or peaceful girls?
I don't know.. what about peaceful girls who can be really active? :D

What irritates you the most about people?
Speech / language
What do you think about classic rock'n'roll?
I like it. I'm working with a band that makes classic rock - I love it!

Have you heard the song by Leona Lewis - "I See You" (in the Avatar)? Did you like it?
Just once, I didn't like it that much - but the movie was great!!

Could you tell us who is young Maria - Lisa?
Actually, it's my friend, I've know her for a couple of years. I think she sings good and the last days she was on one German TV show :) Unfortunately, on the last show she was sick (she sang a song by My Chemical Romance)

Do you watch Olympics in Vancouver? What do you like the most?
No, I don't.

Questions for David [from fans] - January '10

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Are you still such a good friend with Timo, is he still like your brother?

2. Is it true that you're looking for new band members?

3. Do you love animals?

4. When can we expect new Panik songs?
Definitely in the next months, but right now we're concentrating on the video from Hamburg.

Questions for David [from fans] - December '09

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1. Would you like to learn French?
Yes, I would.

2. Do you like to travel? Where would you like to go, and where have you been?
It depends on my current mood. Sometimes I like it, and sometimes not so much :)

3. When did you get to that point when you said: okay, this is not working anymore, the band is breaking up?
I've never said anything like that, and I haven't even thought about that. I'm not the right one to be asked this question.

4. Do you chat a lot? If yes, do you let people know who you are?
I don't chat at all.

5. How did you like the tour?
It was pretty awesome!

6. What came to your mind when the fans on the Hamburg concert started to sing the lyrics of the song "Grau" along with you?
Haha.. If you see the video that is going to be released soon, you'll find out :)

7. Did you go to Christmas mart? If yes, which one did you visit and did you like it?
Kiel- It was very pretty, as always.

8. Which Panik song is your favorite?
"Morgencafé" and "Das Wars Jetzt"

9. Which book is your favorite?
Gespräche mit Gott

10. What do you always carry with you?
My chain, my journal and in most cases my laptop too + a bag with the book "Gespräche mit Gott"

Questions for David (You Messe '09)

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NAME : David Bonk


FAVORITE MOVIE : Kiss Kiss / Bang Bang


FAVORITE BOOK : Neale Donald Walsch's Books

FAVORITE FOOD : Guu - Tofu Guu




HOBBY : Music :)

IDOL : I don't really have one :)


I WISH FOR THE YEAR 2010 : Panik for forwardness

Questions for Jan (You Messe '09)

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NAME : Jan


FAVORITE MOVIE : Marley and me


FAVORITE BOOK : The DaVinci Code

FAVORITE FOOD : Currywurst

FAVORITE PET : "Hasky" (dog), no horse



HOBBY : Lookin' good

IDOL : Linke


I WISH FOR THE YEAR 2010 : A lot of health and luck

Questions for Juri (You Messe '09)

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NAME : Juri

FAVORITE BAND/SINGER : Red Hot Chilli Peppers

FAVORITE MOVIE : Indiana Jones


FAVORITE BOOK : Der Schatten des Windes

FAVORITE FOOD : Italian, Indian




HOBBY : swimming, art, traveling

IDOL : Chad Smith

ONCE I WANTED TO BE :Graphic Designer

I WISH FOR THE YEAR 2010 : Love, Happiness, Peace

Questions for Christian (You Messe '09)

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NAME : Christian Linke

FAVORITE BAND/SINGER : Peter Maffay, Howard Carpendale, Luna <3



FAVORITE BOOK : Vom Winde verweht




FAVORITE SCHOOL SUBJECT : Textile (..something :D)

HOBBY : jockey and knitting

IDOL : Barbara Schoenberger


I WISH FOR THE YEAR 2010 : Peace

Questions for Timo (You Messe '09)

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NAME : Timo Sonnenschein

FAVORITE BAND/SINGER : Rise Against, Die toten Hosen, Box Car Racer

FAVORITE MOVIE : L.A. Crash, Lord of the Rings, Stargate Universe


FAVORITE BOOK : Lord of the Rings

FAVORITE FOOD : Asian and vegetarian tofu - sausages




HOBBY : Jogging

IDOL : Roland Emmerich

ONCE I WANTED TO BE : Musician & Director

I WISH FOR THE YEAR 2010 : Less atom - energy

Questions for Franky (You Messe '09)

24. prosince 2009 v 2:47 | posted by P.2K
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NAME : Frank Ziegler

FAVORITE BAND/SINGER : John Mayer, singer, songwriter



FAVORITE BOOK : Extrem Laut and Unglaublich Noh





HOBBY : to cook

IDOL : I don't really have ..

ONCE I WANTED TO BE : Policeman / Cook

I WISH FOR THE YEAR 2010 : To have it all so grandious as it is now