FF - Hide & Seek

27. prosince 2008 v 19:18 | posted by SekSonka
Author: Mikaiyawa
One-shot Story

Linke huffed and hoped that this time he'd been able to elude the lunatic girls. Juri had zigged to the left as he'd gone right hoping like crazy that at least one of them would elude the clutch of squealing, grabbing girls. This was just flat fucking insane. Normally fan girls would be fairly polite, but this lot was positively rabid. If he though all Americans were like this he'd have made sure to avoid the country and the people entirely, but he knew better, these were just sorority girls on vacation.


Part of me drowns and... [one-shot ff]

2. října 2008 v 21:59 | SekSonka

Title: Part of me drowns and my feelings become brittle...

Author: Unenamalia

One-Shot FanFiction